What is IIoT?

IIoT ManufacturingWhat is IIoT? People in the manufacturing field have a lot of questions about the Industrial Internet of Things. We have answers.

For more insight on IIoT, we also have to explore Industry 4.0. Both these topics are widely accepted as a key part of the future of manufacturing.

Shop Floor Automations (SFA) recently sat down with Alan Rooks of the Advanced Manufacturing Podcast. We were asked about our view of this trend and how we are implementing these strategies.

“I love to paraphrase Josh Davids of Scytec about Industry 4.0 because people say, ‘okay what exactly does that mean?'” SFA Marketing Coordinator Amanda Rosenblatt says. “Industry 4.0 is the current level of automation in the use of data in the manufacturing industry.”

“Our industry has gone from to a mechanical system, to mass production, or assembly lines if you will,” Rosenblatt explains. “Then computers and automation, and now, Industry 4 is the Cloud.”

Here are just some ways in which IIoT is used to improve manufacturing productivity:

  • Devices/sensors on shop floor equipment communicate via the Internet, modernizing it
  • Data from devices/sensors on machines is stored in the Cloud, so there is no need to house data servers on site
  • Real-time historical analytics are fed into charts and reports for machine monitoring systems, ERP software, and much more
  • MTConnect and similar protocols allow for data to be collected in a non-proprietary manner, which is more cost effective and does not force the purchase of new equipment
  • Hardware such as modified PLCs can help to make legacy machines IIoT-ready

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