Manufacturing Integration Customer Success Stories

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Shop Floor Automations believes in measurable results. Check out these case studies on how our solutions help out manufacturing shop floor operations!

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MOGAS is a leading manufacturer of severe service ball valves for extreme industrial applications – industries such as nuclear, petrochemical and mining rely on the company for their four decades of field and manufacturing experience with harsh plant conditions. As a result, companies can be confident that their MOGAS designs withstand high process integrity, uptime reliability and personnel safety measures.

With operations spanning the globe, the Houston, TX-based headquarters of MOGAS features a 66,000-square-foot manufacturing facility with 12 CNC machines, among other equipment. Leadership within the company identified the CNCs for improvement opportunities, yet lacked the data visibility to determine the full potential of these improvements. Learn how MOGAS took steps to bring transparency to the floor by downloading this customer success story now.



When oil or gas basins experience inconsistent production or liquid loading in the wellbore, they can turn to Flowco Production Solutions for artificial lifts. The Houston, TX-based company exists to safely maximize the lifespan and efficiency of oil and gas wells with their high performance artificial lift products, and have been doing so since 2014. But Flowco had identified a source of waste – and it was happening on their own shop floor.

Flowco, like many manufacturers, has several million dollars’ worth of equipment to produce its specially-designed gas and plunger lift solutions. Programmers were tasked with hand-loading programs onto their CNC machinery with a floppy disk or USB, which meant employees were physically going out to equipment to download programs and spending up to two hours a day programming machines while fielding calls, “drop in” visits and requests and other interruptions. Find out the structured approach Flowco took with Shop Floor Automations to better focus on strategic priorities by accessing their customer success story here.

Utilization Increase With Machine Monitoring

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Decision Making and Process Improvements with Machine Monitoring

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Shop Floor Automations has been in business since 1998. We have racked up thousands of frequent flier miles, are very active in the manufacturing industry’s social media landscape, and are supporters of such endeavors as The Association for Manufacturing Technology, the MTConnect protocol, and America’s MFG Day. We very much look forward to speaking to our customers about how our solutions worked for them and developing a case study with you.