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SFA provides customized CNC Editor Solutions from the smallest of job shops to the largest manufacturers, with hundreds of features to improve day-to-day CNC machine tool productivity. Dozens of CNC intelligent editing commands make changes to your CNC program quickly & easily. Edit confidently with the ability to undo & redo all changes. Microsoft Word-compatible menus, toolbar, & shortcut keys make these systems easy to learn with basic CNC communications. Also, Windows 10 O/S is supported!

In addition, editing multiple CNC programs of unlimited file sizes at the same time, even while other applications run in the background, is supported. Cut, copy, & paste between them. Includes a side-by-side file compare that identifies all G-code & M-code differences, then fixes them with a single click. Our editing & backplotter packages are developed under rigorous testing.

cnc editor

These extremely versatile but easy-to-use packages are designed to simplify your work. Predator CNC Software such as CNC Editor will improve manufacturing productivity.

Wondering about the different features for CNC Editor Light, Express & the Full package? Check out the document below.

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Predator CNC Editor Software

  • Communicate with up to 32 CNCs
  • Includes drip-feed, with mid-program restart support
  • Reliable RS232 communications
  • Unlimited file size & File Compare
  • 64MB of code per CNC program
  • Price includes training & support*

Predator CNC Editor Express Software

  • CNC Intelligent Editing with Undo & Redo
  • DNC send, receive & drip-feed
  • Supports Windows 2012/8/ 7/2008/2003/ XP/Vista at 32 bit & 64 bit OS
  • Support Windows 10 only for v11
  • CNC Templates & Unlimited File Size
  • Price includes training & support*
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32bit cnc code editor

Ascendant XYZPRO32 EditPlus

  • 32-bit CNC code editor with many productivity features
  • Easy to use – Drag & Drop, Search & Replace, etc.
  • Many Shop Math utilities built in
  • Create Style Sheets & Mirror imaging

Predator CNC Editor Light Software

  • Unlimited file size programs
  • Copy, Paste, Find, Replace
  • Insert, Delete Sequence Numbers
  • Text size, Font, Basic Templates
  • No support available for free Editor
free gcode editor
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  • Machine Monitoring – Now that you have control of your programs and they are being communicated to the machines, make sure you are getting the best utilization possible. Get real-time machine data collection so you can get OEE info and make better business decisions. Help machinists better communicate machine issues.
  • Hardware – A great solution for smaller shops. Avoid expensive memory upgrades. Replace old media. Don’t risk carrying around your laptop and dropping it.

*Predator CNC Editor & Editor Express through Shop Floor Automations comes with 1 year of Support (via software version upgrades, features, and functionality) and two hours of 1-on-1 remote training. Please call us for more info at (877) 611-5825