Floppy Connect – Floppy Drive Emulators

Our Floppy Drive Emulator, available in three models, is easy to install, requires no system configuration/debugging, & accomplishes the goal to replace floppy disks on the shop floor, which are very difficult to obtain.

The floppy disk USB adapter emulates your existing floppy drive & acts as if the floppy drive was never removed. Works with almost any existing 720k/1.44MB capacity DOS format floppy drive. 28 or 32 pin ribbon cables systems are supported & will connect to your existing power cable.

If you’re tired of the floppy disk nightmare & looking to add Floppy USB Emulators to your equipment, we have the proven solution. We recommend the Portable USB or Pendant USB for file size concerns.

Works in PCs & in CNC machinery such as Haas, Okuma, Mazak, Fadal, Mitsubishi, Omniturn, Centroid, Robots, Flame Cutters, & Greco boxes, & more.

New models are added to our compatibility list monthly! Call (877) 611-5825 to talk one of our Engineers so we are sure this device will work with your manufacturing equipment.

Haas Floppy Drive Emulator

  • Only for Haas machines
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Off-the-shelf pricing
  • Eliminate floppy disks
  • Supports mills, lathes, and tool room CNCs
haas floppy drive
shop floor floppy disk replacement

Floppy Drive Emulator

  • Interface to the existing ribbon cable
  • Plugs into floppy power connector
  • Supports 720k/1.44MB capacity IBM
  • Support Wired EDM, Mills, Lathes, Robots, & other types of equipment
  • No need for Floppy Disks anymore

Okuma Floppy Drive Emulator

  • Only for Okuma machines
  • Floppy Disk Drive Core Replacement
  • Easy to Swap Out & Use
  • Get IGF Files from a Floppy Disk to a USB stick
  • Ask about a credit for your old Floppy Drive Core!
usb stick

USB Flash Drive

  • 2GB – Store Photos, Documents & More
  • Works with our Floppy Drive Emulator
  • Works with our Pendant & Portable USB Connect