Floppy Drive Emulator Products – Floppy Connect

Our Floppy Drive Emulator, available in three models, is easy to install, requires no configuration, debugging, & accomplishes the goal to replace floppy disks on the shop floor, which are very difficult to obtain and unreliable. Works with any brand USB stick that is a maximum of 2GB and is FAT/FAT16 formatted.

The floppy disk USB adapter emulates your existing floppy drive & acts as if it were never removed. Works with almost any existing 720k/1.44MB capacity DOS format floppy drive. 28 or 32 pin ribbon cables systems are supported & will connect to your existing power cable. Accomplish USB to Floppy functions with this hardware.

If you’re tired of the floppy disk nightmare & looking to add Floppy USB Emulators to your equipment, we have the proven solution. We recommend the Portable USB or Pendant USB for file size concerns.

New models are added to our compatibility list monthly! Call (877) 611-5825 to talk one of our Engineers so we are sure this device will work with your manufacturing equipment.

Works in computers and CNC machinery such as Haas, Okuma, Anilam, Brother, Bridgeport, Charmille, Citizen,  Mazak, Fadal, Fanuc, G&L, Hurco, Milltronics, Mitsubishi, Omniturn, Centroid, Robots, Prototrak, Siemens, Sodick, Flame Cutters, ABB Robots, EDMs, & Greco boxes, & more.

Haas Floppy Drive Emulator

  • Only for Haas machines – easy install
  • Plug and Play Haas Floppy to USB functions
  • Off-the-shelf pricing
  • Eliminate floppy disks
  • Supports mills, lathes, and tool room CNCs
Front angled view of a Haas Floppy Connect Floppy Drive Emulator with a silver SFA USB drive plugged into the USB port.
A front angled view of the Okuma Floppy Drive Emulator with the front flap raised, showing the USB port and a small digital screen for the Floppy ID.

Okuma Floppy Drive Emulator

  • Replaces the OEM floppy drive
  • Easy to install and use
  • CNC procedures are the same to transfer
  • Transfer IGF Files to a USB stick
  • Ask about a credit for your old Floppy Drive Core!

Mazak Floppy Drive Emulator

  • Emulates Mazak floppy actions
  • Replaces old Floppy disks with a USB stick
  • Low-cost Mazak floppy USB solution
  • Easily installed hardware
  • Handles Mazatrol (CMT) files
Front angled view of a Mazak Floppy Connect Floppy Drive Emulator with a silver SFA USB drive plugged into the USB port.
Front angled view of a universal Floppy Connect Floppy Drive Emulator with a silver SFA USB drive plugged into the USB port.

Floppy Drive Emulator (Universal)

  • Eliminate Floppy Disks
  • Interface to the existing ribbon cable
  • Plugs into floppy power connector
  • Supports 720k/1.44MB capacity IBM
  • Support Wired EDM, Mills, Lathes, Robots, & other types of equipment
  • Call us with you make and model of existing drive for pricing

USB Flash Drive

  • 1GB – Store Programs, Photos, Docs & More
  • Works with our Floppy Drive Emulator
  • Works with our Pendant & Portable USB Connect
A close up of a silver USB flash drive with 1 gigabyte of storage.