CNC Networking – Ethernet Connect Hardware

Your CNC machines have RS232 ports—SFA can connect them to your network with Ethernet RS232 hardware. With our Wired & Wireless CNC Connect devices, you can leverage your current IT infrastructure on the shop floor. Replace the long RS232 runs of older-style hubs, take advantage of your wireless network, and get rid of cables altogether!

Using Ethernet allows multiple PCs to access shop-floor machines. Ethernet can go longer distances, keeping the RS232 connection short and providing more reliable DNC communication. Wireless CNC Connect devices stay mounted to the machine—confirm you have a dependable wireless signal, move your CNC machine, and it is always connected to the DNC system.

Corporate networks expand beyond front offices & engineering departments on a daily basis. Network backbones are found on 80 percent of manufacturing shop floors.

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CNC Networking ethernet connect device

Wired Connect

  • Available in 1, 2, 4, 8, & 16 surge suppressed ports
  • Run Cat5/6 Cabling to each device
  • Assign a single IP address to the device
  • Move a machine & reconnect cable
  • Power from 110vAC, 12-48vDC, POE or custom RS232 cable

USB LAN Connect

  • Brings Ethernet functionality to any CNC machine tool with serial capability
  • Uses the standard FTP protocol for file transfers.
  • No special software is required to transfer files using Windows or FileZilla.
  • Program files can be sent to/from the LAN Connect data server & any CNC
  • Large files can be drip-fed directly from data server
  • Includes USB port to use should you lose network connectivity
The circuit board of a LAN Connect device, which is used to add ethernet to a CNC machine.

A shot of the LAN-USB Connect circuit board with text that reads "Adds Ethernet and USB to Machines".

LAN-USB Connect

  • Connect via RS232 port – easy installation
  • Drag & drop files from/to CNC data server
  • Utilize Ethernet connection via FTP protocol
  • CNC communication firmware built-in
  • No special software required to install
  • Includes 8GB local storage
  • Includes USB thumb drive too if network fails