CNC Networking – Ethernet Connect Hardware

Your CNC machines have RS232 ports – SFA can connect them to your network with Ethernet RS232 hardware. With our Wired & Wireless CNC Connect devices or our LAN Connect devices, you can leverage your current IT infrastructure on the shop floor. Replace the long RS232 runs of older style hubs, take advantage of your wireless network & get rid of cables all together!

Using Ethernet allows multiple PCs the ability to access shop floor machines. Ethernet can go longer distances, which keeps the RS232 connection short & provides more reliable DNC communication. Wireless CNC Connect devices stay mounted to the machine – confirm you have a dependable wireless signal, move your CNC machine, & it is always connected to the DNC system.

Corporate networks expand beyond front offices & engineering departments on a daily basis. Network backbones are found on 80 percent of manufacturing shop floors.

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CNC Networking ethernet connect device

Wired Connect

  • Available in 1, 2, 4, 8, & 16 surge suppressed ports
  • Run Cat5/6 Cabling to each device
  • Assign a single IP address to the device
  • Move a machine & simply reconnect cable
  • Power from 110vAC, 12-48vDC, or custom RS232 cable

LAN Connect

  • Brings Ethernet functionality to any CNC machine tool with serial capability
  • Drag & drop files to & from Windows Explorer to CNC
  • Program files can be sent to/from the LAN Connect data server & any CNC
  • Large files can be drip-fed directly from data server
  • No special software required
The circuit board of a LAN Connect device, which is used to add ethernet to a CNC machine.
A USB Connect Pendant Display and circuit board overlaid with a circular arrow. In the top right is clip art of a CNC machine, and in the bottom right is clip art of a desktop computer. The text reads "Transfer NC Programs Remotely".

LAN Connect – Remote Model

  • NC programs transfer remotely from PC to Machine
  • More operator control – no walking to PC
  • Better access of files to those on the network
  • No special software required
  • Use FTP protocol & network cables for secure transfers

LAN Connect – Mazak Model

  • Send & Save Mazatrol programs from Mazak machines
  • Ethernet functionality for any CNC machine tool with serial capability
  • Program files can be sent to/from LAN Connect data server & any CNC
  • Drip-feed from data server PLUS drag & drop files from Windows Explorer to CNC
  • Ethernet connection using standard FTP protocol
A USB Pendant Display and its circuit board with text that says "Add a USB Port to Mazak Machines".
A shot of the LAN-USB Connect circuit board with text that reads "Adds Ethernet and USB to Machines".

LAN-USB Connect

  • Connect via RS232 port – easy installation
  • Drag & drop files from/to CNC data server
  • Utilize Ethernet connection via FTP protocol
  • CNC communication firmware built-in
  • No special software required to install
  • Includes 8GB local storage
  • Includes USB thumb drive too if network fails