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Machine Monitoring gives you the ability to see what your machines are doing in real-time. The shop floor machine monitoring system software processes and collects machine data using software, MTConnect, Fanuc FOCAS, custom macros, or hardware devices. Optional machine data collection terminals can be used for additional operator input. Runtime, downtime, & machine monitoring OEE data is presented via dashboards, historical reports & charts. Emails or texts can be sent to notify you of production issues on the shop floor.

Improve your lean manufacturing process by supplying accurate shop floor productivity metrics to improve operations & make better decisions. Enjoy automatic, error-free, & unattended machine monitoring for events such as job start/end, setup start/end, log on/off, cycle start/end, & more. Real-time production monitoring data collected includes cycle time, idle time, setup time, teardown time, machine downtime, & scrap reasons.

Drive machine monitoring improvements based on real-time data. In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, efficiency is your MVP. Increase machine up-time & drive innovation on your shop floor. What is the overall equipment effectiveness formula? MFG integrators know how to obtain CNC OEE!

machine monitoring

Machine monitoring is the ultimate solution if you are concerned with manufacturing productivity, cycle time reduction, predictive maintenance, and preventative maintenance. It’s not only perfect for CNC automation, but also for fab shop automation and for moldmaking shop floor operations.

Ever wanted to do OEE calculation? Does the idea of machine downtime tracking lift weight off of your shoulders? Contact us for more info on machine data collection software for manufacturing!

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Machine Monitoring Partners

Scytec DataXchange Icon

Scytec DataXchange

  • On-Premise or Cloud Based
  • Starts at $47 per machine, per month, via Cloud
  • We house the servers – you provide the data!
  • Real-time data from any CNC control/equipment, regardless of machine age
  • Unlimited number of reporting and charting licenses
  • View & report on your data results from anywhere
  • Track multiple types of cycle time

Predator MDC (Machine Data Collection)

  • Monitor 1 to 4k CNC Machines
  • Over 30k Reports & Charts
  • Automatic & Manual shop floor data collection
  • Real-time machine, job & part dashboards
  • Track cycle time, idle, setup, teardown, downtime, & more
  • Multiple plant support metrics
  • Integrate with Touch HMI to replace proprietary hardware
The Predator MDC Icon, which is a purple gear with a simple bar graph on the inside.
Machine Monitoring image for MTConnect Protocol


  • Open, royalty-free, universal factory floor protocol
  • Collects data from adapter(s)
  • Responds to client software requests for data

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