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DNC Software to Network Your Shop Floor

Manage your CNC programs, machine parameters, & offsets with one DNC network using powerful software. Support for over 80 different brands and hundreds of CNC control models can easily be accomplished with one DNC software network.  Use CNC drip feed software to send and receive large NC programs over RS232 serial connection or transfer via Ethernet using FTP Server/Client, NetShare, Data Server, and more.  If you’re tired of running cables to each machine, explore our wireless DNC connectivity that has been installed in hundreds of shops successfully.  Have a shop with older serial machines? Start off 2020 with our Ethernet Connect series to connect any controller easily.

The Microsoft Office & Windows Explorer-compatible user interface (latest Windows O/S supported*) uses familiar features to simplify transfers for those who want to place PCs on the shop floor. Drag & drop, cut, copy, and paste your machines’ configuration for a quick setup.  Shortcuts are supported for long file names, along with wild cards and the ability to send a complete directory to a machine in one click.

Improve CNC revision control while using a bar code reader to eliminate errors and transfer the proven/released part program every time into the CNC.  If you’re ready to set up a server to manage all the files and have the operator pull files at the CNC, our remote request can save time walking back and forth.  This works with any age of CNC using wired & wireless DNC software solutions.

Want to keep it simple?  Leverage a workstation on the shop and manually send/receive to your CNCs with one click. Our solution is customizable by you for any configuration needed, without customized software and large fees from a system integrator for over 20 years.


If you’re interested in learning more about DNC software & DNC Solutions, a web demo or a trial can be your next step. We offer software, hardware and installation services to our clients or self-installation.

If you’re frustrated with a few machines that don’t seem to work reliability or you can’t get the support needed from another vendor, we can still help you get that machine going on a CNC network.  Our specialty are Mazaks, Okuma, Fanuc, Siemens, Haas, and Mitsubishi going back 25+ years. We are skilled in manufacturing automation software, CNC hardware upgrades, and DNC Network protocols!

Many DNC companies and installers have come and gone in the years, and we are still here to service you.  We have over 3,000 installations in the USA, Mexico, Canada and other countries.

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Shop Floor Automations DNC Software & DNC Solutions Partners

A DNC symbol, which is a red gear with an icon representing a network.

Predator DNC Software

  • Network all CNCs, EDMs, PLCs, & Robots with a singular DNC package
  • Predator software eliminates walking time to & from CNC to PC
  • Server / Client configuration
  • Major CNC protocols, including Mazatrol (CMT), Okuma B & Xmodem, supported
  • Send, receive, or drip-feed to up to hundreds of machines from a single server/computer
  • Highly flexible connectivity options include wireless, serial RS232, Ethernet, & USB
  • Eliminate Mori Server, FileZilla, CuteFTP, NetShare, and more using SecureDNC
  • Windows 11*, 10, 7, and Server 2019 and 2016 supported. *EOL hardware may require upgrade.
  • Predator software download free trial for 30 days – No cost !

Predator DNC Software

An animated cartoon man runs frantically back and forth between his desktop computer and CNC machine, neither of which are on a DNC network.

With Predator DNC, remotely call the CNC program using the CNC control panel to load, save or drip-feed files to the CNC. Supports up to 256 CNCs at the same time, using a wireless or wired connection via Ethernet and RS232 serial ports. Save time and eliminate walking back and forth to the CNC to load programs with Predator Software DNC Solutions.

Ascendant eXtremeDNC Software Partner

What is the eXtremednc DNC system?

EXtreme DNC is an open architecture DNC software for CNC machines. It was the first 32-bit, multi-threaded, multitasking, and open architecture application for the DNC solutions market.

  • Upgrade your existing eXtremeDNC system to the latest version
  • Reliable RS232 communication via Wireless & Wired DNC CNC
  • Support for most CNC controls
  • Self-install or onsite implementations are available
  • Support for Windows 10, 7, Server 2016/2019 – 32bit & 64 bit systems
  • Premier service provider for over 10 years
  • The best solution for client/server installations
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