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Scytec DataXchange

On-Premise or Cloud-based OEE Monitoring


  • On-Premise or Cloud-based monitoring solution
  • Store data on your server or in a data center
  • Quick to deploy, plug-and-play
  • Track real-time OEE, utilization & more
  • Integrate with any ERP or business system
  • Unlimited reporting & charting licenses
  • Customize dashboards for real-time productivity
  • Flexible operator data entry – Windows, iOS & Android
  • Connects to everything on your factory floor
  • Provides data for actionable improvements


  • Real-time overall equipment effectiveness dashboard for manufacturers
  • Monitor machine overrides and downtime – remote machine monitoring
  • Machine data collection and shop floor data entry from Android / Apple devices
  • Equipment status, reports, and charts for lean MFG
  • Mobile monitoring – notifications via text/email
  • Identify production bottlenecks and points of failure
  • Connect any machine, regardless of age/brand
  • Cloud Subscription Model Monthly / Annual Pricing
  • On-Premise purchased outright and owned forever

Machine Utilization 

  • Track various cycle times, such as spindle speeds, low overrides
  • Use hardware adapters with protocols such as OPC US, MTConnect or FANUC FOCAS
  • Report on utilization and efficiency metrics
  • Run reports on and compare different sets of cycle time
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Success Story

Read our Modern Machine Shop piece about how DataXchange through Shop Floor Automations got Tech Manufacturing to achieve high metal removal rates and an instant productivity boost!  A large aerospace company, ITAR compliant, and working with multi-axis machine tools.

“We had an uptick in the accountability of the operators, as well as the oversight and reactiveness of supervision and manufacturing engineering due to the trending. It continues to help.” – Zachary Sanzo, Sr. Manager Manufacturing Technology, Curtiss-Wright

“While we had a vision on what we expected out of a system, we did not expect to see a system provide such an immediate result and with ease.”


Reports and charts that display OEE and IIoT info from Scytec DataXchange help improve machine utilization and minimize downtime.  “Collecting data from the machines is one thing, but utilizing the data for actionable results is critical in order to convert manufacturing data into manufacturing intelligence,” Scytec proclaims to customers.

Timelines, equipment status summaries, OEE summaries, trends, downtime Pareto, scrap Pareto, histograms, plots, comparisons, and more can be charted. These charts can be displayed in the real-time dashboard of the program, which includes being able to save group or personalized chart templates, and the ability to export this data to CSV or Excel.

“DataXchange is a Cloud and On-Premise manufacturing machine monitoring system,” Scytec says of their services. With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing, they were able to create this program from scratch.

“Increasing utilization by roughly 30 minutes per machine will cover the cost of the software. How about the gains of knowing when machines are running at a lower feed rate, a program stop, or sitting in feed hold?  The software typically pays for itself within the first few days of each month.”

Customized Pricing

Why pay for something before you know it works. Sign up for a FREE trial with no obligation.  Whether you want to monitor one machine or one hundred machines, we can build the perfect solution to meet your needs. Unsure of where to start? Roll it out gradually, adding one machine at a time. No contacts, no annual commit –  you are always free to cancel at any time with no penalty to pay.

Try it for free first -Pay as you grow!

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Read an article from Industry Week about how a mining and dredging equipment company optimized their employees’ time, operation efficiency, and cut costs.

Integrate with Hardware

Using both DataXchange machine monitoring, along with off-the-shelf hardware that adds Ethernet capabilities to older machines, helped one manufacturer increase uptime.

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