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Modern Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Machine Monitoring Solution for your IIoT Manufacturing Environment

Why Scytec DataXchange?


  • Track real-time OEE, utilization and much more
  • Integrate with any ERP or business system
  • Access full reporting, views and chart data with unlimited licenses
  • Customize dashboards for real-time productivity
  • Enter data easily and effectively across Windows, iOS and Android devices
  • Connect any brand or age of equipment – from robots to CNC to PLCs – on your factory floor through IIoT technology
  • Trigger actionable improvements based on configurable data thresholds
  • Deploy DataXchange machine monitoring via the cloud or on-premise quickly
  • Store your data on your server or in a secure data center

Make Data-Driven Manufacturing Decisions

With greater capacity and productivity clarity, you can convert manufacturing data into true manufacturing intelligence to activate actionable results. Explore each function of the DataXchange equipment monitoring solution to learn how:


Keep up-to-date on the condition of all your equipment at any given time, regardless of location. By automatically tracking changes to your assets, including overrides, vibration and temperature, you can pinpoint and address potential issues before unplanned downtime occurs and production lines are impacted. Powerful DataXchange data collection rules allow you to control the threshold values for each piece of equipment to ensure the immediate notification of variances by text or e-mail for instant action.


The strength of Scytec DataXchange machine monitoring software lies in its unlimited, real-time OEE dashboard views, reports and analytics to effectively condense your equipment data for easy consumption and data-based decision-making. Through the automated capture of cycle times, run rates and more, your teams can be well-equipped to prioritize assets for targeted continuous improvement and lean activities, such as kanban events.

Compare the data values of your assets against OEE targets by displaying charts and metrics on the DataXchange Real-Time Manufacturing Dashboard to discern high-performing machinery over lower-performing equipment. Chart templates may be configured and saved for quick access across teams, with export options to Microsoft® Excel or CSV.


Receive instant alerts to identify issues for instant resolution, and stay ahead of the curve with early warning indicators of potential bottlenecks and condition degradations. By knowing when a machine is running at a lower feed rate or a program has prematurely stopped as it happens, your teams are empowered to make informed decisions regarding programs, capacity, maintenance schedules and much more.

Invest in Your Manufacturing Production Success  

Take your manufacturing production to new heights with an investment in the DataXchange machine monitoring solution for your operations. With two investment options, you have the flexibility to start seeing results within weeks – not years.


Sign up for a monthly subscription of DataXchange to begin increasing your throughput on a single machine or every machine across all of your facilities. With no contract or annual commitment required, your company will have access to all the latest machine monitoring software updates without obligation. The cancellation of your DataXchange subscription may occur at any time without penalty.


Make a one-time capital expenditure for the license of your DataXchange machine monitoring solution for a long-term investment into your smart factory. Simply choose your preferred feature level and number of machines to monitor, along with a single maintenance fee, to start your OEE optimization journey. Maintenance support and upgrades may be renewed annually as desired.

Learn more about your DataXchange investment options by contacting Shop Floor Automations today.

Drive Continuous Improvement with DataXchange Machine Monitoring 

Disparate machines, each with a unique control system and communication protocol with varying ages, can create challenges for manufacturers driving continuous improvement initiatives. There is often limited visibility to make data-driven decisions that can impact every aspect of a manufacturing organization.

The Scytec DataXchange machine monitoring solution resolves these issues by capturing real-time, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data from a variety of equipment – from CNCs and PLCs, to robots and manual machinery – through universal machine connections. Leveraging automated data collection, DataXchange exposes and synthesizes equipment data to give your teams full transparency on the shop floor to transform your business into a smart factory. Example data can include:

  • Timelines

  • Equipment status summaries

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) summaries

  • Trends

  • Downtime Pareto

  • Scrap Pareto

  • Histograms

  • Plots

  • Comparisons

  • And more

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