production data management –
paperless shop floor document control

SFA offers manufacturing-driven, open architecture Production Data Management (PDM) document control software designed to organize & control CNC programs, setup sheets, safety procedures, quality documents, & other files with complete document & file revision control. Go paperless with your shop floor operation via integration of DNC, CNC Editor, Virtual CNC, MDC, & Tracker.

Organization & control of various documents in the manufacturing process can be a struggle. Auditors check if you have control, management, & sign-offs of processes & files. Don’t find yourself left behind in getting the next order.

Predator Production Management starts simple with NC programs & work instructions – start easily & quickly while drip-feeding the system to your Departments, such as Engineering, Quality, & more. Integrate your ERP & MES system with open APIs (application programming interface) via 300+ methods.

A white keyboard with the enter key replaced with a blue button that says "Go paperless". The text says "Document Control" at top.

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Predator PDM Software

  • Best practice workflow
  • Multiple file vaults & secure viewing
  • User & group permissions
  • Stored in a database
  • Microsoft Access, SQL Server, or Oracle options
  • C#, C++, VB.Net, VB6, VB Script, Windows Script, Delphi, & other compatible programming languages.
Predator PDM Icon, which is a turquoise gear with clip art images of a locked safe and two paper documents in the center.

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