DNC Software – CNC Compatibility List

Shop Floor Automations provides a complete line of solutions to network hundreds of CNCs since 1998.  Our solutions include providing pre-terminated RS232 serial cables in various lengths, using connections from DB9, DB25, RJ45, and USB.  We have hundreds of parts in stock for immediate shipment and custom cables can be quoted.

Every cable is fully shielded and comes with a 5-year warranty and made in the USA.


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RS232 Serial Product Page

Supported Controls


ASEA 312

Accra 950


Aciera CNC


Acramatic 10E-MC

Acramatic 2.1

Acramatic 2100

Acramatic 2100 E

Acramatic 3.1

Acramatic 5

Acramatic 850

Acramatic 850 SX

Acramatic 8D

Acramatic 900

Acramatic 900 MC

Actrion III

Actrion Iii


Acu-rite Mill PWR


Aeg 111

Aeg 251

Aeg 471

Aeg lll

Aeg |||


Affolter CNC Leste series


Agathon CNC 250 FSN

Agathon CNC 250 PA

Agathon CNC 250 Plus

Agathon CNC 350 Combi

Agathon CNC Ultra


Agie 100

Agie 200

Agie 300

Agie Agiemat 3

Agie Agiemat 3 Floppy

Agie Agiemat 3 Leser

Agie Agiemeric 15

Agie Agiemeric 25

Agie Agiemeric CF

Agie Agiemeric F

Agie Agiemeric F S

Agie Agietron CNC 100

Agie Agietron CNC 123

Agie Agietron CNC 200

Agie Agietron CNC 300

Agie Agievision

Agiecut 150F

Agiecut HSS

Agiecut Sprint

Allen Bradley 3100

Allen Bradley 4000

Allen Bradley 4500

Allen Bradley 4600

Allen Bradley 7100

Allen Bradley 7300

Allen Bradley 7320

Allen Bradley 7360

Allen Bradley 7365

Allen Bradley 7370

Allen Bradley 7385

Allen Bradley 8200

Allen Bradley 8200 AT

Allen Bradley 8200 series

Allen Bradley 8400

Allen Bradley 8400 Bandit IV

Allen Bradley 8400 CP

Allen Bradley 8600

Allen Bradley 8600 series

Allen Bradley 8601

Allen Bradley 9-230

Allen Bradley 9-240

Allen Bradley 9-260

Allen Bradley 9/230

Allen Bradley 9/240

Allen Bradley 9/260

Allen Bradley 9000 series

Allen Bradley 9200 series

Allen Bradley 9230

Allen Bradley 9240

Allen Bradley 9260

Allen Bradley 9600

Allen Bradley Compact Logix L24ER

Allen Bradley OSAI Series 10

Allen Bradley SLC

Amada 04P-C

Amada 04PA

Amada 04PC

Amada 04PC S / BTR

Amada 0P

Amada 0P S / BTR

Amada 160iL

Amada 160iL S

Amada 16L

Amada 16L S

Amada 18P

Amada 18P S

Amada 6P

Amada 6P S / BTR

Amada Fanuc 04PC

American GFM FKP 20

American Way AW-100

Amk Arnold Mueller

Amk Arnold Mueller CNC 900

Amk Arnold Mueller CNC 905


Anca 5DX

Anca AMC5

Ando CPM-3000

Andrew EF90


Andron Andronic 2060L

Andron Andronic 2060S

Anilam 1100

Anilam 1400

Anilam 3000

Anilam 3200

Anilam 3300

Anilam 4200

Anilam 5000

Anilam 5300

Anilam 5400

Anilam 5500

Anilam 6000

Anilam 6000i

Anilam Commando

Anilam Crusader

Anilam Crusader GXM

Anilam Crusader II

Anilam Crusader III

Anilam Crusader IL

Anilam Crusader Ii

Anilam Eagle

Anilam G Series

Aniliam 6000


Aries 03

Aries 04

Aries 222 03PA

Aries 245

Asea 400

Atek NC 534


Auto Numeric CNC MC

Auto Numerics


Autopath 6X


B&R Arnc 0

Bandit 1

Bandit 2

Bandit 3 / III

Bandit Control

Bandit Ii


Beckhoff TwinCAT CNC

Beckhoff TwinCAT NC I

Beckoff TwinCAT CNC TX1270

BendPro CNC


Bendix 1500

Bendix 20

Bendix 5

Bendix 5A

Bendix 5CM

Bendix 5M

Bendix 700

Bendix 874

Bendix Diatrol 4

Bendix Dynapath 10

Bendix Dynapath 20

Bendix Dynapath 30

Bendix Dynapath 40

Bendix Dynapath 5

Bendix Dynapath 50

Bendix Dynapath 5M

Bendix Dynapath 60

Bendix Dynapath System 10

Bendix Dynapath System 20

Bendix Dynapath System 5

Bendix System 10

Bendix System 20

Bendix System 5

Boehrenger B2T


Boehringer B1T

Boehringer B2T

Boehringer B3T

Boehringer VDF 250

Boehringer VDF 315

Bosch 2200

Bosch 300

Bosch Alpha

Bosch Alpha 1000

Bosch Alpha 1100

Bosch Alpha 1200

Bosch Alpha 1300

Bosch Alpha 1400

Bosch Alpha 1500

Bosch Alpha 2

Bosch Alpha 3

Bosch Alpha 500

Bosch Alpha 500-1500 Series

Bosch Alpha 600

Bosch Alpha 700

Bosch Alpha 800

Bosch Alpha 860

Bosch Alpha 880

Bosch Alpha 900

Bosch Alpha Series

Bosch CC100

Bosch CC12

Bosch CC120

Bosch CC200

Bosch CC220

Bosch CC300

Bosch CC320

Bosch CC330

Bosch Micro 5

Bosch Micro 5 Z

Bosch Micro 5Z

Bosch Micro 8 Z

Bosch Micro 8Z

Bosch PC PG

Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth IndraMotion

Bosch Rexroth IndraMotion MTX

Bosch Rexroth IndraMotion MTX Compact

Bosch Rexroth IndraMotion MTX Performance

Bosch Rexroth IndraMotion MTX Standard

Bosch System 5

Bosch Trumpgraph

Bosch Typ 3 osa

Boss 10

Boss 3

Boss 4

Boss 5

Boss 6

Boss 7

Boss 7.2

Boss 8

Boss 9


Bostomatic BDC 3200

Bostomatic CNC 312

Bostomatic SPC1

Bostomatic SPC2

Bostomatic Spc-2

Boston Digital Bostomatic CNCs

Bridgeport BOSS 10

Bridgeport BOSS 2

Bridgeport BOSS 3

Bridgeport BOSS 4

Bridgeport BOSS 5

Bridgeport BOSS 6

Bridgeport BOSS 7

Bridgeport BOSS 8

Bridgeport BOSS 9

Bridgeport BTC

Bridgeport Boss

Bridgeport Boss 10

Bridgeport Boss 2

Bridgeport Boss 3

Bridgeport Boss 4

Bridgeport Boss 5

Bridgeport Boss 5.0

Bridgeport Boss 6

Bridgeport Boss 6.2

Bridgeport Boss 8

Bridgeport Boss 9

Bridgeport C6

Bridgeport CNC 2500

Bridgeport DX

Bridgeport DX-32

Bridgeport E-CNC

Bridgeport EZ Trak

Bridgeport EZ-P

Bridgeport EZ-Path

Bridgeport EZ-Path I

Bridgeport EZ-T

Bridgeport EZ-Trak DX

Bridgeport EZ-Trak DX-2

Bridgeport EZ-Trak SX

Bridgeport EZPath

Bridgeport EZTrak

Bridgeport Ez Link

Bridgeport EzLink

Bridgeport Heidenhain 150

Bridgeport Heidenhain 151

Bridgeport Heidenhain 155

Bridgeport NC Series 2

Bridgeport SX

Bridgeport SX-15

Bridgeport Series I

Bridgeport Series II

Brother 32A

Brother 32B

Brother CNC 400

Brother HS100

Brother HS100 Wire EDM

Brother TC217

Brother TC221

Brother TC225

Brother TC227

Brother Tapping Center

Brother Wire EDM


Bunker Ramo 2200

Bunker Ramo 3100

Bunker-Ramo 2200

Bunker-Ramo 2300

Bunker-Ramo 3100

Burney 1400

Burney 2.5RS

Burney 3

Burney 4

Burney 5

Burny 2

Burny 2.5RS

Burny 3

Burny 4

Burny 5


Bystronic Bystar

Bystronic XYZ 84

CAMsoft CNC Lite

CAMsoft CNC Plus

CAMsoft CNC Professional

CNC 82.00

CNC 84.00

CNC Innovation RTE-1000






Camate III PL8

Camm 3

Camstore 1 BTR

Camstore 1501

Camstore 2 BTR

Camstore LPT BTR

Camstore Local Port


Carstens CNC 83

Cb Ferarri

Ceibu Eltee SW-4000E


Centroid M-10

Centroid M-39

Centroid M-40

Centroid M-400

Centroid M-60

Centroid T-15

Centroid T-39

Centroid T-400


Centurion 6

Centurion I

Centurion Iii

Centurion Iv

Centurion V

Ceptrol P200.20

Charmille All

Charmilles Andrew 20-330

Charmilles Andrew 552

Charmilles Andrew 630

Charmilles Andrew EF330

Charmilles Andrew EF90

Charmilles Robofil 290

Charmilles Robofil 300

Charmilles Robofil 310

Charmilles Robofil 500

Charmilles Robofil 510

Charmilles Roboform 20

Charmilles Roboterm 31


Chiron 3T-Control


Cincinnati 1000LS

Cincinnati 850

Cincinnati 900

Cincinnati 900 V2

Cincinnati 950

Cincinnati Acramatic 2.1

Cincinnati Acramatic 2100

Cincinnati Acramatic 220

Cincinnati Acramatic 225

Cincinnati Acramatic 3.5

Cincinnati Acramatic 325

Cincinnati Acramatic 4

Cincinnati Acramatic 5

Cincinnati Acramatic 750

Cincinnati Acramatic 750G

Cincinnati Acramatic 8

Cincinnati Acramatic 850

Cincinnati Acramatic 850SX

Cincinnati Acramatic 8D

Cincinnati Acramatic 900

Cincinnati Acramatic 950

Cincinnati Acramatic Arrow

Cincinnati Arrow

Cincinnati Autoform (VME Controller)

Cincinnati Big Blue

Cincinnati Brake All

Cincinnati CNC TC

Cincinnati Cinimatic 5

Cincinnati Milacron A 900

Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 2100

Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 220

Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 330

Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 850

Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 850SX

Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 850TC

Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 900

Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 900 T10

Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 950

Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic Big Blue

Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic Model 5

Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic Model 8D


Citizen C-16

Citizen C16 IX

Citizen C16 IXA

Citizen CNC

Citizen Cincom L112-7

Citizen Cincom L12-1M7

Citizen Cincom L20E-2M12

Citizen Cincom L20E-9

Citizen Cincom R07 VI

Citizen L32-1M10

Citizen M32 VIII

Citizen M32-4M8

Citizen M332-V


Compudyne DSC-1001

Compudyne Model B

Controls West BTR

Cranfield CNC 6400

Creative Evolution CNC

Creonics Hybrid D-11


Cyber 5

D & M

D.Electron CNC Z32



Danaher Motion

Danaher Motion XMP

Danobat Fanuc CNC

Datron HSCpro

Datron Next

De Vilieg

Decitek Tape Punch

Deckel All

Deckel CNC 2301

Deckel Contour 3

Deckel Contour 4

Deckel Dialog 11

Deckel Dialog 112

Deckel Dialog 2

Deckel Dialog 3

Deckel Dialog 4

Deckel Dialog FP2 – FP4

Deckel Dialog MILL-PLUS

Deckel Siemens 3

Delta 10/20 M

Delta 30 M

Delta Tau Advantage 400

Delta Tau Advantage 900

Dialog 2

Dialog 3

Dialog 4

Digma CNC

Dixi 2100

Dixi NC


Dmmate Stama

Dsi Tape Punch

Dyna 2100

Dyna 2400

Dyna 4000

Dyna Mechtronics

Dyna Mechtronics 2200

Dyna Mechtronics 2800

Dyna Mechtronics 3000

Dyna Mechtronics 4400

Dyna Mechtronics Dyna 1

Dyna Mechtronics Dyna 2

Dyna Mechtronics Dyna 3

Dynapath Autocon

Dynapath Delta 10

Dynapath Delta 20

Dynapath Delta 2000

Dynapath Delta 2000M

Dynapath Delta 2000T

Dynapath Delta 30

Dynapath Delta 40

Dynapath Delta 50

Dynapath Delta 60


ESAB Autopath GX

ESAB Compupath 500

ESAB Vision 1000

ESAB Vision 2000

ESAB Vision 51

ESAB Vision 51R

ESAB Vision T5

ESAB Vision T5c



Eckelmann CNC55

Eckelmann ENC55

Eckelmann ExC66

Eckelmann PNC55


Ecs 2101

Ecs 2102

Edge Pro

Eding CNC




Emco Compact 6

Emco M1

Emco PC50

Emco Pc50

Emco T1

Emco TM02

Emco Tmo2


Emcotronic TM02


Esab 400

Esab Compupath 500

Esab IRB 2000

Esab NCE 301

Esab NCE 500



Etek Burny 10 LCD Plus

Excellon All

Excellon CNC MC

Excellon CNC-2

Excellon CNC-4

Excellon CNC-5

Excellon CNC-6

Exec 150 BTR

Exec 1501/2 BTR

Ez Trak


FANUC 180i-M



FANUC Series Oi - TD



Facit 4070

Facit Reader

Facit Tape Punch 4046

Facit Tape Punch 4047

Fadal 104D

Fadal 32 MP

Fadal 32MP

Fadal All

Fadal CNC 88

Fadal CNC 88 HS

Fadal CNC88

Fadal CNC88HS

Fadal HS

Fadal MP32

Fadal Microprocessor

Fadal Siemens 840D

Fagor 101

Fagor 102

Fagor 800

Fagor 8010

Fagor 8018

Fagor 8018 M

Fagor 8020

Fagor 8025

Fagor 8030

Fagor 8040

Fagor 805

Fagor 8050

Fagor 8050T

Fagor 8055

Fagor 8060

Fagor 8065

Fagor 8070

Fanuc 04PC

Fanuc 0I-MF

Fanuc 0M

Fanuc 0MC

Fanuc 0P

Fanuc 0T

Fanuc 0i-TD

Fanuc 0i-TF

Fanuc 0iMA

Fanuc 0iMB

Fanuc 0iTA

Fanuc 0iTB

Fanuc 10

Fanuc 10M

Fanuc 10T

Fanuc 10TF

Fanuc 11

Fanuc 11M

Fanuc 11MF

Fanuc 11T

Fanuc 12

Fanuc 12M

Fanuc 12T

Fanuc 15

Fanuc 15-MB

Fanuc 150-M

Fanuc 150i

Fanuc 15M

Fanuc 15MA

Fanuc 15MB

Fanuc 15T

Fanuc 15TA

Fanuc 15TB

Fanuc 15i

Fanuc 15iM

Fanuc 15iT

Fanuc 16

Fanuc 16 Model C Pro 3

Fanuc 160i

Fanuc 160is-M

Fanuc 16M

Fanuc 16T

Fanuc 16W

Fanuc 16i

Fanuc 16i-M

Fanuc 16i-MB

Fanuc 16iM

Fanuc 16iT

Fanuc 18

Fanuc 18 Model C Pro 3

Fanuc 18-P

Fanuc 18-T

Fanuc 18-i-t

Fanuc 180

Fanuc 180i

Fanuc 180i-WB

Fanuc 18M

Fanuc 18P-C

Fanuc 18T

Fanuc 18i

Fanuc 18i T

Fanuc 18i-1

Fanuc 18i-M

Fanuc 18i-MB

Fanuc 18i-T

Fanuc 18iM

Fanuc 18iT

Fanuc 18iTB

Fanuc 2 TCMate

Fanuc 20

Fanuc 200

Fanuc 2000

Fanuc 200c

Fanuc 20A

Fanuc 21

Fanuc 21-M

Fanuc 21-T

Fanuc 21M

Fanuc 21T

Fanuc 21i

Fanuc 21i-TB

Fanuc 21iM

Fanuc 21iT

Fanuc 21iTB

Fanuc 240

Fanuc 2I-T

Fanuc 3 TCMate

Fanuc 30

Fanuc 3000

Fanuc 3000c

Fanuc 300i

Fanuc 300iSA

Fanuc 301i

Fanuc 301i Model A

Fanuc 301iA

Fanuc 30B

Fanuc 30M

Fanuc 30T

Fanuc 30i

Fanuc 30i Open CNC

Fanuc 310i

Fanuc 310i-WA

Fanuc 31i

Fanuc 31i Model A5

Fanuc 31i Open CNC

Fanuc 31i-A5

Fanuc 31i-B

Fanuc 31i-B5

Fanuc 31i-MB

Fanuc 31i-Series A5

Fanuc 31i-W Model B

Fanuc 31i-WA

Fanuc 31i/31i-B

Fanuc 31iA

Fanuc 320i

Fanuc 32i

Fanuc 32i Open CNC

Fanuc 32i/32i-MODEL B CNCs

Fanuc 35i Open CNC

Fanuc 35i/35i-B

Fanuc 3M

Fanuc 3M, 3T & 3TF

Fanuc 3T

Fanuc 5M

Fanuc 5T

Fanuc 6

Fanuc 6M

Fanuc 6MA

Fanuc 6MB

Fanuc 6MG

Fanuc 6T

Fanuc 6TA

Fanuc 6TB

Fanuc 7

Fanuc 7M

Fanuc 7T

Fanuc 9

Fanuc 9M

Fanuc 9T


Fanuc Alpha

Fanuc F31iA

Fanuc FH80b

Fanuc GN

Fanuc GN 10 TF

Fanuc GN 11

Fanuc GN 6

Fanuc GTech 16I

Fanuc GTech 30 I

Fanuc GTech 31I

Fanuc M750 BM

Fanuc MF-D4

Fanuc MF-D6

Fanuc MF-M4

Fanuc MF-M6

Fanuc MF-T6

Fanuc MSC-501

Fanuc MSC-504

Fanuc MSC-516

Fanuc MSC-518

Fanuc Mate

Fanuc Mate L

Fanuc Mate M

Fanuc Mate TS

Fanuc O

Fanuc O-MD

Fanuc O4P-C

Fanuc OI-MB

Fanuc OI-T

Fanuc OM

Fanuc OT

Fanuc Oi TD

Fanuc Oi-MC

Fanuc Oi-MD

Fanuc Oi-ME

Fanuc Oi-TC

Fanuc Oi-TD

Fanuc Oi-TF

Fanuc Power Mate

Fanuc Power Mate D

Fanuc Power Mate H

Fanuc Power Mate iH

Fanuc PowerMate A

Fanuc PowerMate D

Fanuc PowerMate F

Fanuc PowerMate H

Fanuc Professional 3 (Pro 3)

Fanuc Professional 5 (Pro 5)

Fanuc RoboDrill a-D21MiA5

Fanuc Series 0i-MC

Fanuc Series 16-M

Fanuc Series 180is-MB

Fanuc Series 21i-M

Fanuc Series 31i Model B

Fanuc Series 31i- Model A5

Fanuc Series O-T

Fanuc T4

Fanuc T6

Fanuc Type

Fanuc V-6M

Fanuc i Series – All Models










Ferrocontrol DARC 2-System

Ferrocontrol ExC66

Ficep CNC


Fidia C0

Fidia C1

Fidia C10

Fidia C20

Fidia C40

Fidia F0

Fidia nC 12R

Fidia nC 15

Finn Power 16P

Flashcut CNC

Flow Jet AB Series 9

Flow Jet PC Control

Fortuna CNC Grinder


Fryer Touch 2000

G & L 800n

G&L 8000 Control

G&L CNC 800

G&L CNC 8000

G&L CNC 900

G&L Numeriset NS6

G.E. 1050

G.E. 2000

G.N. 6m

GE 100

GE 1050

GE 1050 HL o.x

GE 120

GE 2000

GE 550

GE 550 y Stor

GE 7500

GE 7542

GE 8500

GE Fanuc 18-T

GE Fanuc Series 18-Gc

GE Fanuc Series 21i-T

GE Mark 1050

GE Mark 1050HV

GE Mark Century 100

GE Mark Century 1050

GE Mark Century 1050HV

GE Mark Century 120

GE Mark Century 2000

GE Mark Century 550

GE Mark Century 7500

GE Mark Century 7542

GE Mark Century 8500

GE Mark Century II

GE Mc 2000

GE Mc 7500

GE Modular D

GNT 4601 Tape Punch

General Automation

General Automation 6T

General Automation CNC-2

General Automation CNC-4

General Automation CNC-6

General Automation SPC-16-60

General Electric 1050

General Electric 1050hm

General Electric 2000

General Electric 550

General Numeric (Same as Fanuc)

General Numeric 10

General Numeric 3

General Numeric 5T

General Numeric 6

General Numeric 6M

General Numeric 6T

General Numeric 7

General Numeric 9

General Numeric 9M

General Numeric 9T

Gerber CutWorks

Gerber MCT Cutter

Gerber Paragon

Gerbercutter DCS 1500

Gerbercutter DCS 2500

Gerbercutter Z1

Gidding & Lewis CNC800

Gidding & Lewis NUMERIPATH 8000

Giddings & Lewis CNC 80

Giddings & Lewis CNC 800

Giddings & Lewis CNC 8000

Giddings & Lewis CNC 900

Giddings & Lewis Numeriset 400

Giddings & Lewis Numeriset NS6

Giddings & Lewis SS70


Gildemeister EPL

Gildemeister EPL 2

Gildemeister EPM

Gildemeister EPM II


Greco Mini-File

Greco Minifile


Guttinger Bandt 8300

Guttinger Num56O

Guttinger Num76O

H & K CNC 781

H & K CNC 782

H & K CNC 783



Haas CL Series

Haas CM Series

Haas CNC

Haas Control

Haas DM Series

Haas DS Series

Haas DT Series

Haas EC Series

Haas ES Series

Haas GR Series

Haas GT Series

Haas HS Series

Haas Lathe

Haas MDC Series

Haas MINI Series

Haas Mill

Haas Mini Mill

Haas NGC Series

Haas NexGen

Haas OL Series

Haas OM Series

Haas SL Series

Haas SR Series

Haas ST Series

Haas TL Series

Haas TM Series

Haas UMC Series

Haas VF Series

Haas VF series

Haas VF2 & VF3

Haas VF4 & VF5

Haas VM Series

Haas VR Series

Haas VS Series

Hansvedt M-Pulse CNC

Hauser 211

Hauser 311

Heckler and Koch

Heckler and Koch 781

Heckler and Koch 782

Heckler and Koch 783

Heckler and Koch 783/M

Heckler and Koch 784

Heidenhain 2500c

Heidenhain CNC 232

Heidenhain CNC 232B

Heidenhain CNC 234.xxx

Heidenhain CNC Pilot

Heidenhain CNC Pilot 640

Heidenhain Control

Heidenhain Manualplus 4110

Heidenhain ND XXX

Heidenhain PT 8XX

Heidenhain TNC 121

Heidenhain TNC 122

Heidenhain TNC 124

Heidenhain TNC 125

Heidenhain TNC 131

Heidenhain TNC 135

Heidenhain TNC 145

Heidenhain TNC 150

Heidenhain TNC 151

Heidenhain TNC 152

Heidenhain TNC 153

Heidenhain TNC 154

Heidenhain TNC 155

Heidenhain TNC 232

Heidenhain TNC 234

Heidenhain TNC 246

Heidenhain TNC 2500

Heidenhain TNC 2500B

Heidenhain TNC 2500C

Heidenhain TNC 305

Heidenhain TNC 306

Heidenhain TNC 310

Heidenhain TNC 320

Heidenhain TNC 335

Heidenhain TNC 351

Heidenhain TNC 355

Heidenhain TNC 360

Heidenhain TNC 370

Heidenhain TNC 406

Heidenhain TNC 407

Heidenhain TNC 410

Heidenhain TNC 412

Heidenhain TNC 415

Heidenhain TNC 415B

Heidenhain TNC 416

Heidenhain TNC 417

Heidenhain TNC 418

Heidenhain TNC 419

Heidenhain TNC 420

Heidenhain TNC 421

Heidenhain TNC 422

Heidenhain TNC 423

Heidenhain TNC 424

Heidenhain TNC 425

Heidenhain TNC 426

Heidenhain TNC 426.B – Ethernet

Heidenhain TNC 426M – Ethernet

Heidenhain TNC 430

Heidenhain TNC 430.B – Ethernet

Heidenhain TNC 430M – Ethernet

Heidenhain TNC 470

Heidenhain TNC 530

Heidenhain VRZ 720B

Heidenhain VRZ 760B

Heidenhain iTNC 350

Heidenhain iTNC 530

Heidenhein 530


Heller Unipro 80

Heller Unipro 90

Hinumerik 2000M

Hinumerik 2000T

Hinumerik 2100M

Hinumerik 2100T

Hinumerik 3000M

Hinumerik 3000T

Hitachi Hi-Cell Lambda L10

Hitachi Hi-Cell Lambda L3

Hitachi M6060

Hitachi Seicos L10

Hitachi Seicos L3

Hitachi Seicos LIII

Hitachi Seicos Multi

Hitachi Seicos Σ10

Hitachi Seicos Σ16 or Hi-Cell

Hitachi Seicos Σ18 or Hi-Cell

Hitachi Seiki 10 Sigma

Hitachi Seiki HT20

Hitachi Seiki Hi-Cell

Hitachi Seiki Multi

Hitachi Seiki Seicos

Hitachie Seicos Σ18 or Hi-Cell

Houdaille A Style

Houdaille FC1000

Houdaille HECC 80

Hughes 220 CNC

Hurco Desk Programmer

Hurco Executive

Hurco Hawk 30

Hurco KM3

Hurco MB2

Hurco Max5

Hurco SM1

Hurco Ultimax

Hurco Ultimax 2

Hurco Ultimax 3

Hurco Ultimax 4

Hurco Ultimax Bmc30

Hurco Ultimax Bmc40

Hurco Ultimax Bmc50

Hurco Ultimax II

Hurco Ultimax Kmb I

Hurco WinMax

Hurco Winmax

Hybrid D11

Hybrid D6

Hybrid D9

Hydrapath Iii

Hypertherm Automation Edge

Hypertherm Edge II

Hypertherm Edge Pro

Hypertherm Edge Pro Ti

Hypertherm Edge Ti

Hypertherm Mariner

Hypertherm MicroEdge

Hypertherm MicroEdge Pro

Hypertherm Voyager III

IBH 80 Checksum protocol

IBH Micro 80

IBH Micro 8005 NT

IBH Micro 8010EE NT

IBH Micro-Modus

IBM SL-354


IGM Welding robot





Icon – Magic C60

Index C200

Index GB100

Index GB50

Index GB65

Index GE65

Indigen CNC

Indramet MT-CNC

Indramet System 200


Isel CNC with CAN-Bus

Isel KAY


Japax Control

Japax EDM 3F

Japax EDM FE02

Japax LS250

Japax LS350

Japax LXE-35

Japax LXE-35 & others


Jetter JetControl 647-MC

K&T 180

K&T CNC Punchout

K&T Gemini

Kearny & Trecker KT-Gemini & various models

Kel-Varia Kelco 90


Kellenberger Grinder

Kerney & Trecker 180

Kerney & Trecker 200

Kerney & Trecker D17

Kerney & Trecker Gemini A

Kerney & Trecker Gemini B

Kerney & Trecker Gemini C

Kerney & Trecker Gemini D

Kerney & Trecker Gemini E

Kerney & Trecker KT

Kerney & Trecker Mark 1


Kongsberg 2000

Kongsberg NC 300

Kongsberg SM4 s


L-Tec 810

Laserdyne 84 CNC

Laserdyne System 94P

Laserdyne System 94W


Light TMC-1000

Linatrol Infinity CNC

Linatrol Profiler

Linatrol Profiler Plus
















MS-Tech 800U





Mach 3

MachMotion X15

MachineMate L2

MachineMate LW

MachineMate eCNC

Maho 1000

Maho 3300

Maho 407

Maho 415

Maho 432

Maho 532

Maho 6600

Maho CNC 432 various vintages

Maho Control

Maho Plillips 432

Makino EC7050

Makino MG – B60

Makino Pro 3

Makino Pro 5

Makino Pro 6

Makino Professional A


Mandelli Plasma


Manurhin Automatic

Matrix 2

Matrix Nexus

Matrix Nexus 2

Matsurra System 5G


Max Cosy CNC

Max Muller All

Mazak 640

Mazak 640M

Mazak 640M Nexas

Mazak 640MT Pro

Mazak 640T

Mazak 640T Nexas

Mazak Fusion 640M

Mazak Fusion 640T

Mazak Fusion PC

Mazak Integrex

Mazak Integrex i-400

Mazak L Plus

Mazak L32

Mazak M 32

Mazak M Plus

Mazak M-32

Mazak M1

Mazak M2

Mazak M32

Mazak Matrix

Mazak Matrix 2

Mazak Matrix Nexus

Mazak Matrix Nexus 2

Mazak Mazatrol CAM M-1

Mazak Mazatrol CAM M-2

Mazak Mazatrol CAM M-3

Mazak Mazatrol CAM M-4

Mazak Mazatrol CAM M32

Mazak Mazatrol CAM T-1

Mazak Mazatrol CAM T-2

Mazak Mazatrol CAM T-3

Mazak Mazatrol CAM T-4

Mazak Mazatrol CAM T32

Mazak Mazatrol Fusion 640

Mazak Mazatrol M Plus

Mazak Mazatrol M32 CMT

Mazak Mazatrol M32 EIA

Mazak Mazatrol M32B

Mazak Mazatrol M50

Mazak Mazatrol Nexus

Mazak Mazatrol T Plus

Mazak Mazatrol T6

Mazak MicroDisk

Mazak Multiplex 620

Mazak Nexus

Mazak Q-T

Mazak Smart

Mazak Smooth

Mazak Smooth X

Mazak SmoothG

Mazak T Plus

Mazak T1

Mazak T2

Mazak T32

Mazak-640MT Pro



Mazatrol 640M

Mazatrol M+

Mazatrol Matrix

Mazatrol Matrix 2

Mazatrol Matrix Nexus 2

Mazatrol T1

Mazatrol T2

Mazatrol T32-2

McDonnell Actrion III

McDonnell Douglas Actrion III

Meldas - Mitsubishi

Meldas 320L

Meldas 3m

Meldas 5000

Meldas 500m

Meldas 520A

Meldas Fca-320m

Meldas Om

Memex Mx1000

Messma Griesheim

Messma Griesheim KS

Messma Kelch

Messma Kelch EAZ

Messma Kelch PC

Messma Kelch preset – measuring dev

Micon 80

Micon Slicer 186

Micro 1000

Micro Kinetics

Mikron VCE500

Mill Plus

Milltronics 7200

Milltronics 8200-B

Milltronics 8200-B/W

Milltronics 9000

Milltronics Centurion 1

Milltronics Centurion 4

Milltronics Centurion 5

Milltronics Centurion 6

Milltronics Centurion 7


Minitech CNC

Mitsubish DWC90H

Mitsubishi 110G

Mitsubishi 300

Mitsubishi 300m

Mitsubishi 325

Mitsubishi 330HM

Mitsubishi 335M

Mitsubishi 350M

Mitsubishi 500

Mitsubishi 520M

Mitsubishi 64

Mitsubishi 70 LPC -Y (7 Series)

Mitsubishi 730LUC

Mitsubishi 730UM-L

Mitsubishi 90H

Mitsubishi BND-1004W001-AA (7 Series)

Mitsubishi BND-1010W000-AA (7 Series)

Mitsubishi C4 – C7

Mitsubishi DFA

Mitsubishi E1

Mitsubishi FCA635LC-AC11

Mitsubishi FCA635LCCH

Mitsubishi FCA635LNC-F

Mitsubishi G Dwc 110

Mitsubishi G Dwc 200

Mitsubishi G5F

Mitsubishi L0

Mitsubishi Laser

Mitsubishi M-Plus

Mitsubishi M0 M1 M2 M3

Mitsubishi M3

Mitsubishi M300L

Mitsubishi M300M

Mitsubishi M310M

Mitsubishi M32

Mitsubishi M500L

Mitsubishi M500M

Mitsubishi M50L

Mitsubishi M50M

Mitsubishi M600L

Mitsubishi M600M

Mitsubishi M60S series

Mitsubishi M64

Mitsubishi M640M

Mitsubishi M640M/T

Mitsubishi M640T

Mitsubishi M65

Mitsubishi M66

Mitsubishi M700

Mitsubishi M730 MB

Mitsubishi M75

Mitsubishi M8 series

Mitsubishi M86

Mitsubishi MAGIC50

Mitsubishi MSX 850 III

Mitsubishi Meldas

Mitsubishi Meldas 100WD

Mitsubishi Meldas 110G

Mitsubishi Meldas 200

Mitsubishi Meldas 320LC

Mitsubishi Meldas 320M

Mitsubishi Meldas 500

Mitsubishi Meldas 5000C

Mitsubishi Meldas 5000C II

Mitsubishi Meldas 5000CII

Mitsubishi Meldas 5000G

Mitsubishi Meldas 5000W

Mitsubishi Meldas 5010C

Mitsubishi Meldas 5100A

Mitsubishi Meldas 5100C

Mitsubishi Meldas 520

Mitsubishi Meldas 635

Mitsubishi Meldas 64L/64AL

Mitsubishi Meldas 80WD

Mitsubishi Meldas 83

Mitsubishi Meldas 84

Mitsubishi Meldas 90H

Mitsubishi Meldas C6 C64 C64T

Mitsubishi Meldas H0

Mitsubishi Meldas L0

Mitsubishi Meldas L1

Mitsubishi Meldas L2

Mitsubishi Meldas L64

Mitsubishi Meldas LC10

Mitsubishi Meldas M0

Mitsubishi Meldas M3

Mitsubishi Meldas M300

Mitsubishi Meldas M310

Mitsubishi Meldas M320

Mitsubishi Meldas M330

Mitsubishi Meldas M335

Mitsubishi Meldas M50

Mitsubishi Meldas M500

Mitsubishi Meldas M520

Mitsubishi Meldas M60

Mitsubishi Meldas M600

Mitsubishi Meldas M635

Mitsubishi Meldas M64

Mitsubishi Meldas M65

Mitsubishi Meldas M66

Mitsubishi Meldas M700

Mitsubishi Meldas M700VW

Mitsubishi Meldas M800

Mitsubishi Meldas M800W

Mitsubishi Meldas M83

Mitsubishi Meldas Magic 64

Mitsubishi Meldas VWC90

Mitsubishi Meldas W6

Mitsubishi Meldas W7C

Mitsubishi Meldas controls on H Series EDM machines

Mitsubishi NC9F

Mitsubishi VWC90

Mitsubishi W6

Mitsubishi Wire EDM

Mitsubishi iQ Intergrated Controller Plattorm



Moog 3000 Mc

Moog Hydra-point 2000

Moog Hydrapath III

Moog Hydrapoint 2000

Moog Hydrapoint 83-3000MC

Moog MHP Hydrapath III and others

Moore All

Mori Celos

Mori Seiki

Mori Seiki CL-203B

Mori Seiki Celos

Mori Seiki F-L2

Mori Seiki F0iTD

Mori Seiki F31iA5

Mori Seiki MAPPS II

Mori Seiki MF-T5

Mori Seiki MSC-500

Mori Seiki MSC-501

Mori Seiki MSC-501II

Mori Seiki MSC-502

Mori Seiki MSC-502II

Mori Seiki MSC-515

Mori Seiki MSC-516

Mori Seiki MSC-518

Mori Seiki MSC-520

Mori Seiki MSC-603

Mori Seiki MSC-680

Mori Seiki MSC-801

Mori Seiki MSD-515

Mori Seiki MSD-516

Mori Seiki MSD-516II

Mori Seiki MSD-518

Mori Seiki MSD-603

Mori Seiki MSD-680

Mori Seiki MSG-501

Mori Seiki MSG-502

Mori Seiki MSG-803

Mori Seiki MSX-500III

Mori Seiki MSX-501III

Mori Seiki MSX-504III

Mori Seiki MSX-504IV

Mori Seiki MSX-511

Mori Seiki MSX-511III

Mori Seiki MSX-701

Mori Seiki MSX-701III

Mori Seiki MSX-711III

Mori Seiki MSX-711IV

Mori Seiki MSX-805

Mori Seiki MSX-805III

Mori Seiki MSX-850

Mori Seiki MSX-850III

Mori Seiki MSX-850IV

Mori Seiki MSX-853

Mori Seiki NL1500SY / 500

Mori Seiki NL2000SY / 500

Mori Seiki NLX2500SY / 700

Mori Seiki NT1000 / SZ

Mori Seiki NTX1000 / SZM

Mori Seiki SL-204S / 500

Mori Seiki SL-250B

Mori Seiki SL-25C5 / 500

Mori Seiki SL253BSMC / 500

Mori Seiki ZT1500Y

Mori-Seiki MSC-500

Mori-Seiki MSC-501

Mori-Seiki MSG502

Moric MF-M4

Ms-4 Foreman

Multi Processor CNC


Multitron PS10

NEC Z330


NUM 1020

NUM 1040

NUM 1060

NUM 1080

NUM 720F Control

NUM 750

NUM 760

NUM Flexium

NUM Flexium+



Nassovia Schiess



Num 1060

Num 560

Num 750

Num 760

Num 760 F

Num Axium Power

Num Flexium 6

Num Flexium 68

Num NUMtransfer CNC

Num PC



Numerik CNC-H

Numeripath 8000

Numeritronix 1501

Oki Okipath L1

Okuma 700

Okuma LC-30 OSP-5000 LG

Okuma LC-40 OSP-5020 L

Okuma LU-35 OSP-7000 L

Okuma OSP 2000

Okuma OSP 2200

Okuma OSP 3000

Okuma OSP 330-d

Okuma OSP 330D

Okuma OSP 500

Okuma OSP 5000

Okuma OSP 5000G

Okuma OSP 5000GL

Okuma OSP 5000L

Okuma OSP 5000L-G

Okuma OSP 5000M

Okuma OSP 5000M-G

Okuma OSP 500M

Okuma OSP 5020

Okuma OSP 5020 Series

Okuma OSP 5020G

Okuma OSP 5020L

Okuma OSP 5020M

Okuma OSP 5020MC

Okuma OSP 7000

Okuma OSP 7000 Series

Okuma OSP 7000L

Okuma OSP 7000M

Okuma OSP 700L

Okuma OSP 700M

Okuma OSP E100L

Okuma OSP E100M

Okuma OSP P100

Okuma OSP P100L

Okuma OSP P200M

Okuma OSP P300L

Okuma OSP P300M

Okuma OSP U100L

Okuma OSP U100M

Okuma OSP U10L

Okuma OSP U10M

Okuma OSP-7000M

Okuma OSP-P200

Okuma OSP-P300A

Okuma OSP-P300GA

Okuma OSP-P300LA

Okuma OSP-P300M

Okuma OSP-P300MA

Okuma OSP-P300S

Okuma OSP-P300SA

Okuma OSP10M

Okuma P100

Okuma U100


Olivetti Contor

Omax Water Jet

Omni Turn CNC

OmniTurn/Mill All


Omniturn CNC

Omniturn GT75


PMC Spectrum



Parpas CNC Z32

Philips 3300

Philips 3353

Philips 3640

Philips 432

Philips 6600

Philips 6652

Philips B2T

Philips B32T

Philips Maho 432-10

Philips Maho 432-9

Philips Maho 532

Phillips Cnc-432

Planet CNC USB Controller

Plillipis 532

Plm 1000

Pnc 3



Pophof Nexus

Pophof Vega


Posalux CNC 2000

Power Automation

Power Automation PA 8000 L2

Power Automation PA 8000 LW

Power Automation PA 8000e

Pratt & Whitney 6400

Pratt & Whitney CNC1

Pratt & Whitney MC1000

Pratt & Whitney MC750

Pratt & Whitney With Slo-Syn 125-1034 PTR and others


Procom CNC300

Procom IPC300









Prototrak MX3

Prototrak Plus

Prototrak Plus MX2

Prototrak SM

Prototrak VM


R&D ProNumeric

R&D XCN 300

R&D XCN 500

R&D XCN 540

R&D XCN 700


Raskin 302

Raskin 303

Raskin RT300

Raskin RT85

Roland All

Roland CAMM 3

Roland Camm 3

Rybett Camstore 2



SM motion control

SM motion control sm300

SM motion control sm340

SM motion control sm800




SMT 220

SMT 300

SMT 500

Saab MCT8

Saab PSU


Saudtek EDM

Seicos 18m

Seicos L Multi

Seicos M-2

Selca S3045

Selca S4000

Series 16i-m

Series Ii

Servo CNC

Servo Ii

Servo Products 7501

ServoWorks S-100M

ServoWorks S-100T

ServoWorks S-120M

ServoWorks S-120T


Sharnoa Addmaster

Sharnoa Tiger 3

Sharnoa Tiger 4

Sharnoa Tiger 5

Shoda Router

ShopBot CNC


Shw Sinumerik 3

Sieb & Meyer

Sieb & Meyer CNC 35

Sieb & Meyer CNC 48.00 compact

Sieb & Meyer CNC 84.00


Siemans 840C

Siemans 840D sl


Siemens 2100

Siemens 3M

Siemens 3N

Siemens 3T

Siemens 3TT

Siemens 520c

Siemens 530

Siemens 550

Siemens 550c

Siemens 560k

Siemens 5M

Siemens 5T

Siemens 6A

Siemens 6M

Siemens 6MB

Siemens 6TA

Siemens 6TB

Siemens 7M

Siemens 7T

Siemens 8

Siemens 800

Siemens 802

Siemens 802D

Siemens 805

Siemens 810

Siemens 810D

Siemens 810M

Siemens 810T

Siemens 820

Siemens 820M

Siemens 840

Siemens 840C

Siemens 840D

Siemens 840D and E

Siemens 840Di

Siemens 850

Siemens 850M

Siemens 850T

Siemens 880

Siemens C200

Siemens C200 & others

Siemens FMNC

Siemens GN 800

Siemens GN-3TB

Siemens GN-8M

Siemens GN-8T

Siemens Mate TG

Siemens PrimoS

Siemens R2000

Siemens Sinumeric System 3

Siemens Sinumerik

Siemens Sinumerik 800

Siemens Sinumerik 802C bl

Siemens Sinumerik 802D

Siemens Sinumerik 802D bl

Siemens Sinumerik 802D sl plus

Siemens Sinumerik 802D sl pro

Siemens Sinumerik 802D sl val

Siemens Sinumerik 802S bl

Siemens Sinumerik 810D pl

Siemens Sinumerik 840D pl

Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl

Siemens Sinumerik 840Di

Siemens Sinumerik 840Di sl

Siemens Sprint 8

Siemens Sprint T

Simplex CNC

Sinumeric System 3

Sinumerik 3m

Slicer MICOM 186

Smart I Cnc


Sodick 10W

Sodick 6031

Sodick EX-21

Sodick GO-40

Sodick GW-40

Sodick LN1

Sodick LN1W

Sodick LN2

Sodick LQ1

Sodick LQ1W

Sodick MR-EX

Sodick Mark 10

Sodick Mark 11

Sodick Mark 20

Sodick Mark 21

Sodick Mark 25

Sodick Mark 3

Sodick Mark 5

Sodick Mark 7

Sodick Mark 8

Sodick Mark25

Sodick SLN400G

South Bend Ultrapath

Southwestern Prototrak MX2

Southwestern Prototrak MX3




Strippit 1150

Strippit 7300

Strippit Hecc 80/3


Studer CNC S30


Stunt Turn 15 6TB

Sundstrand Micro Swinc

Sundstrand Swinc

Sundstrand Swinc various

Superior Electric Gardner-Denver/EPE

Superior Electric Slo-Syn


Swedturn CNC 220

Swedturn CNC 2200

Swedturn SMT 300


Swinc / MicroSwinc

Tarus TPI 800

Tarus TX7

Taylor Bandsaw AB8400

TechMoon Waterjet CNC

Techno CNC

Tera 4031 Cnc

Thermwood 9100

Thermwood QCore

Tiger 3

Tiger Iv

Tiger V

Tmc 1000

Torchmate II


Toshiba TOSNUC 500 & others

Toshiba Tosnuc 300

Toshiba Tosnuc 500

Toshiba Tosnuc 520

Toshiba Tosnuc 600

Toshiba Tosnuc 777

Toshiba Tosnuc 800M

Toshiba Tosnuc 888M

Tosnuc 20m

Tosnuc 5

Tosnuc 500

Tosnuc 500m

Tosnuc 500mx

Tosnuc 600

Tosnuc 600m

Tosnuc 888

Trak Cnc

Traub TND 400

Traub TND 65D

Traub TX 7

Traub TX 8

Traub TX 8D

Traub TX 8F

Traub TX 8H

Traub TX8

Traub TX8D


Tree Journeyman

Tree Journeyman 300

Tri Sigma 8312


Trumpf GNT 28


UTE Navigator CNC



Umac 6

Umac 620

Umac 6B20 Cascade

Umac 7

Union Carbide UCNC-7/8 II

United 5LC

VHF camfacture


Vega MX-2


Vickers 2100

Viking 100

Viking 150

Vital CNC

WARDJet Classic


Warner Swasey 1SC M5000

Warner Swasey 2SC M5060

Warner Swasey 5330

Weidematic EDP

Westinghouse 21

Westinghouse 22

Westinghouse 2560

Westinghouse 40

Westinghouse 647

Westinghouse Producer

Westinghouse Producer II

Westinghouse RK32960L46

Westinghouse The Producer

Westinghouse W2560


WinPCNC Economy

WinPCNC Light

WinPCNC Professional


Yasnac 15

Yasnac 2000

Yasnac 2000B

Yasnac 2000G

Yasnac 2000G2

Yasnac 3000

Yasnac 3000B

Yasnac 3000G

Yasnac 3000c

Yasnac ERC

Yasnac I80

Yasnac I80L

Yasnac I80M

Yasnac J100

Yasnac J100L

Yasnac J100M

Yasnac J300

Yasnac J300M

Yasnac J50

Yasnac J50L

Yasnac J50M

Yasnac L16

Yasnac LX 1

Yasnac LX 2

Yasnac LX 3

Yasnac LX1

Yasnac LX3

Yasnac M80

Yasnac MCR

Yasnac MX 1

Yasnac MX 2

Yasnac MX 3

Yasnac MX1

Yasnac MX2

Yasnac MX3

Yasnac MXII

Yasnac MXIII

Yasnac PC NC

Yasnac RX

Yasnac SMC2000

Yasnac SMC3010

Yasnac SMC4000

Yasnac i80

Yasnac i80M

Yasnac i80b


Yasnak 2000 B/G

Yasnak LX 1,2,3

Yasnak MX 1,2,3

Yeager Automation CNC Pro

Yuasa Indexer


Zinser CNC 2030

Zinser CNC 2050

Zinser CNC 4010

Zinser CNC 900


Zoller 6051 electronic

Zoller 6080

Zoller PC Multvision II