RS232 Cable for the Shop Floor

RS232 cable

SFA Serial Grizzly Cable RS232 Serial Cables CNC Compatibility. The following is a list of compatibility for Controls that Shop Floor Automations can provide communication software, hardware, and configuration expertise on.

Please note that products with a zero in the name (example: Amada 04P-C) can commonly be confused with having the letter “O” as in “Oscar” in the name (Amada O4P-C). Please specify your search or support requests accordingly.

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Support Controls

wdt_ID Controls List
1 Accra 950
2 Aciera
3 Aciera CNC
4 Acramatic
5 Acramatic 10E-MC
6 Acramatic 2.1
7 Acramatic 2100
8 Acramatic 2100 E
9 Acramatic 3.1
10 Acramatic 5
Controls List