Use Predator Secure DNC to Enhance Ethernet CNC Machine Connectivity 

A shop floor employee working with a CNC machine overlaid by the predator and SFA logos. The text reads "Number one reseller of the year since 1999".Allowing your CNC machines to communicate effectively is essential for maintaining strong shop floor operations. However, strict network security can make that task harder with firewalls and other security measures. Thankfully, by implementing Predator Secure DNC at your facility, you can eliminate the requirements of your corporate domain.

If you aren’t sure if Predator Secure DNC is right for your facility, keep reading to learn more!

What is Predator Secure DNC?

Predator Secure DNC is a Windows-based Predator application that helps make secure program transfers easier and safer across Windows-based CNC controllers. By allowing your CNC machine tool to interface with your network more easily, you can eliminate the requirements of corporate domains, workgroups, and Windows Shares for DNC transfers. This software allows you to securely transfer files to and from CNC machines through firewalls, which is important for shops that have strict network security.

Benefits of Utilizing Predator Secure DNC

There are many reasons that shops install Secure DNC, but one of the biggest reasons is the fact that there are so many benefits that come with the software. If you have an older CNC that is running a legacy operating system, Secure DNC eliminates the need for costly controller upgrades. With Predator Secure DNC, you can integrate all of your legacy equipment and create a common application between all equipment. It also creates transparent CNC network security and standardizes communication protocols to make it easier for your IT Department.

Shop Floor Automations Can Reduce IT Department Struggles

Connecting machines to a corporate network always comes with challenges. Not only does your IT department have to worry about increased security risks with connecting machines to the corporate network, but they also face other challenges including unsupported O/S, workgroups, homegroups, domains, NETBUI, FTP, IPS/SPX, and Windows Shares. Plus, there is time and money associated with maintaining the equipment. Thankfully, when you contract with Shop Floor Automations to implement Secure DNC, we can bridge the gap between your IT Department and the shop floor.

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