Do You Need a feedback from your operators on the shop floor?

An Operator Data Interface in Scytec DataXchange allows shop floor personal to enter shop floor production data and provide real-time equipment statuses. Essentially, it is the interface for Scytec DataXchange where data is communicated to the entire company

What are the benefits of an Operator Data Interface?

There are many benefits of the Operator Data Interface. Not only does the ODI offer a new way to communicate, but it also runs on Windows tablets, iPads, Android tablets, iPhones, and Android phones. This flexibility makes it one of the preferred options for shop floor machine monitoring.

Essentially, the ODI allows shop floor personnel and management to communicate planned and unplanned downtime, work orders and operations, part counts, and more. In addition to entering the data, ODI also provides real-time feedback from equipment and the data collection system. With the ability to receive text and email alerts, you’ll always know what’s happening on your shop floor.

Is there a way to get feedback for multiple machines in a cell?

Yes! The Scytec DataXchange ODI includes an Equipment Overlay View that includes user-defined colors representing real-time statuses along with key data for the equipment that is selected. By tapping a section of the screen, the operator can quickly and easily go to the main operator page to input data with just the touch of a button. This is a top-level visual tool that not only improves the accuracy of data for OEE but can also be utilized on tablets, TVs, PCs, and phones for easy access.

How easy is the Operator Data Interface to install?

Shop Floor Automations can not only implement Scytec DataXchange, but they can also assist with your Operator Data Interface. In addition to troubleshooting any issues that might arise, Shop Floor Automations can also integrate Scytec DataXchange with ERP systems to capture OEE and help with costing/quoting. We offer a month to month plan for the cloud version of Scytec DataXchange, and a flexible pricing model that is based only on the features you need. With customizable reports and charts on historical data, unlimited real-time displays, reporting, charting, and users, and a superior Operator Interface, Scytec DataXchange is the machine monitoring solution you need.

To learn more about the machine monitoring and automation services that we offer to make your shop floor more efficient, visit us on the web at shop floor production.