Eliminate Old Technology on Your CNC Machines with USB Connect

If you are working with outdated technology on your CNC machines and other shop floor equipment, it’s time to look into USB Connect.

What are the benefits of USB Connect?

A CNC machine with a serial cable leading from Serial Port 1 to a USB Connect installed inside the machine.USB Connect solutions can eliminate the old technology on your CNC machines. They can also increase storage at the machine and allow you to store large part programs and use drip-feeding and other controls. By eliminating older technology like floppy disks, you can increase the efficiency of your shop floor and improve overall productivity.

USB Connect Solutions

There are a few different types of USB Connect solutions that we offer at Shop Floor Automations. These include:

Floppy Drive Emulator: Our Floppy Drive Emulator plugs into any floppy power connector and eliminates your need for floppy disks. It works with both computers and CNC machines and supports Wired EDM, Mills, Lathes, Lasers, Robots, and other equipment.

Portable USB Connect: Portable USB Connect allows you to drip-feed with single button repeat operation. This portable and rugged aluminum piece of equipment connects via RS232 serial port and has a 4-line LCD display which allows you to move around the shop floor.

Pendant USB Connect: The USB Connect Pendant can mount right to your CNC machine and supports any type of machine. It is easy to install, comes with a USB thumb drive, and allows you to upload, download, and drip-feed.

USB Connect Pendant – Mazak: This USB Connect Pendant adds a USB port to Mazak machines. It comes with Mazatrol CMT support for conversational programming and allows you to send and receive EIA, G-Code files.

USB Connect Pendant – Switchbox: This USB Connect comes with built-in Switchbox capability. It does automatic switching and works with any DNC system as a backup system. Should your main system fail, you can walk up with a USB drive and transfer files to the CNC.

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