What type of documents can be used in Predator Production Data Management (PDM)?

Predator PDM supports an unlimited number of documents and support for numerous file types to be managed and viewed on the shop floor.

With the built-in viewing capability from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Predator leverages the built-in plug-in viewers supported and allows for continued upgrade path as new versions of file types are released.

For example, if Adobe released a new format or version of PDFs, Predator automatically embraces this compatibility with the new plug-ins from Internet Explorer.  A variety of files are supported for document control such as: Word, Excel, PDF, NC, TXT, STL, MPEG, TIFF. JPEG, and hundreds more.

As a manufacturer, you need to abide by legal code 21 CFR 820.40 – establishing and maintaining procedures to control documents (more info). As a business, you need to keep tax documents and any related records for anywhere from three to seven years. Employment records need to be kept for a minimum of a year and payroll records kept a minimum of three years.

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