I have CNC machines running windows NT with ethernet connections that IT doesn’t want on the company wide network anymore. Do you have a device that will protect the network?

Yes.  Using Predator DNC Software, you can connect legacy CNCs running various editions of Windows to your corporate network.  Predator includes SecureDNC which provides a method of securing and transmitting to your CNC machines without connecting them to the company domain.  Check our our DNC Network Solutions for more details.

Is the Xmodem protocol something to consider when drip-feeding CNC programs?

Yes – leveraging the Xmodel protocol built in to your CNC with DNC software is the best protocol to use for error correction transfers.

What are some typical FANUC alarm codes?

The most common FANUC alarm codes are 086 where no hardware handshaking is occurring.

It can also be known as DR Signal Off, which means your cable connection is bad.

We also see 073 alot, which means the program number has already been used.

What machine notifications does DataXchange send?

Each level of DataXchange has different CNC data collection features. Therefore, you will get different machine notifications depending on what level you use.

Typical machine monitoring requests from customers:

  • Lower feedrate overrides? All feedrate overrides can be tracked with all levels of DataXchange.
  • Unknown downtime? Yes – with all versions. Includes CNC downtime reasons such as CNC program stop, machine sitting in feed hold, etc.
  • Planned machine downtime? Input notes for planned downtime such as coolant change, tool change, lockout tagout, and more with levels Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  • Shop floor utilization? OEE can be tracked with levels Gold and Platinum only.
  • Mobile machine monitoring? DataXchange users can achieve iPhone CNC monitoring and Android CNC monitoring through the software. Ask us for more info.
  • Email and text machine notifications? Yes, for Silver, Gold and Platinum levels.
  • CNC notifications, including machine downtime notifications? It depends on the type of notifications you want from different equipment activity.

Want machine historical data? Machine usage stats? Machine cycle status? Or have custom needs? Contact us

What Fanuc RS232 Parameters can I use?

There are several different Fanuc parameters for the series of controls available, but we do have most of them.

If you’re an existing customer, submit a support request with the model # you have so we can assist you. You can also call (877) 611-5825

Why isn’t my USB to Serial cable working?

Simply plugging in the device may not always work. You may need to download the drivers for the hardware from our website prior to installing the device.

Otherwise, please contact Support.

Does DataXchange support mobile devices? I want to take further advantage of the Industrial IoT.

Yes, this machine monitoring software is available for Apple iOs and on Google Android devices.

Why can I send programs and read/write from the Haas Floppy Emulator, but I can’t save programs back to it?

Answer: Here are some steps to look into taking for this issue.

  • Does the Haas say FLOPPY DONE when you attempted to save a file to the Floppy Connect?
  • IF YES, then do an F4 command on the Haas and select EDIT to view the DIR (Directory) of the floppy emulator.
  • Is the program that you were trying to save shown in the DIR?
  • If YES, then before you remove the USB flash drive from the emulator, push the round RES button on the front of the emulator
  • Wait for a moment until all the LEDs stop flashing
  • After the flashing LEDs stop, then remove the USB flash drive
  • Take the USB stick to your PC to confirm the files have saved on the drive

What are the differences between Predator Machine Monitoring versions?

Predator machine monitoring through Predator MDC is available in an Express, Standard and Enterprise versions. Each version is upgraded to the next level and includes functionality to collect data.

Predator MDC Express is a paper-based solution to allow users to collect data manually and report and chart data on events that happen previously.

Predator MDC Standard version is real-time data collection of utilization from the machines and collects cycle time, idle time, alarm and downtime.

Predator MDC Enterprise version is for companies who want to collect OEE, track parts, users, plus other metrics and interface the data with other business systems.

Does Predator Software offer Machine Monitoring?

Yes. Predator MDC is real-time machine monitoring software that automatically collects, reports, charts and processes real-time shop floor manufacturing data including OEE, cycle time, idle time, setup time, teardown time, machine downtime and more.

Predator MDC improves manufacturing by supplying accurate shop floor metrics to improve operations and to make better decisions. The Predator MDC is an application that is installed on a computer inside the company facility.

It is only available as an on-premise solution.