Why can I send programs and read/write from the Haas Floppy Emulator, but I can’t save programs back to it?

Answer: Here are some steps to look into taking for this issue.

  • Does the Haas say FLOPPY DONE when you attempted to save a file to the Floppy Connect?
  • IF YES, then do an F4 command on the Haas and select EDIT to view the DIR (Directory) of the floppy emulator.
  • Is the program that you were trying to save shown in the DIR?
  • If YES, then before you remove the USB flash drive from the emulator, push the round RES button on the front of the emulator
  • Wait for a moment until all the LEDs stop flashing
  • After the flashing LEDs stop, then remove the USB flash drive
  • Take the USB stick to your PC to confirm the files have saved on the drive

Can I use the floppy disk emulator to connect to my network?

No, because the RJ45 port on the front of the unit is designed for future functionality and is currently inactive. Currently, the only method to load the device is via the USB stick. We do, however, provide solutions for interfacing between a CNC control and network storage.

What kind of USB flash drives can be used with a floppy drive emulator on my CNC?

You must use a stick that is 2GB or smaller in the floppy drive emulator. The flash drives must be formatted as “FAT” or “FAT-16.” 32-bit FAT (“FAT-32”) will NOT work with the floppy emulator.

Will your floppy drive emulator work on my CNC Machine?

Your floppy drive emulator will work with your CNC machine so long as you are using standard DOS-readable disks. There is a 99% chance that the Floppy Drive Emulator, previously known as the FD Connect, will work. Please provide the make and model of your current floppy drive and confirm you can read the floppy disks in a Windows or DOS PC, and Shop Floor Automations can tell you which FD Connect model will work for your CNC Machine.

Our Haas-specific floppy drive emulator has plug-and-play ability. You can see our tutorial about on YouTube or read about it in our technical video transcription page.

When ordering the non-Haas specific emulator, please provide your Salesperson with the make and model of your current floppy drive and confirm you can read the floppy disks in a Windows or DOS PC, and Shop Floor Automations can tell you which model will work for your CNC Machine.

Is there a program size restriction with the Floppy Drive Emulator?

The Floppy Connect (previously known as the FD Connect) can emulate a 720 kb or a 1.44 MB floppy drive. Due to limitations of the firmware on the CNC controller, the floppy emulator must use the same size limitation on the USB stick.

SFA supplies a USB stick that can be formatted to allow for simple transfers from the computer to the floppy drive emulator. More info on going from floppy disks to USB sticks on the shop floor.

What do the Green LED & Red LED lights on the Floppy Drive Emulator mean?

The green LED indicates a Floppy Read or Write operation has been done. No green light at all, or a solid green light, indicates a problem. Please contact SFA Support if you are seeing this on your floppy drive emulator.

The red LED indicates that the USB stick is inserted. The red LED should flicker when the USB is inserted. If you don’t have a red light or if the red LED stays solid there is a problem. This is another time in which you should contact SFA Support.

How do you install the Floppy Drive Emulator?

The install process of the Shop Floor Automations Floppy Drive Emulator:

The floppy drive emulator from SFA is easily installed by simply plugging it into the existing floppy power cable (4-pin Mini Molex) and the ribbon cable (34-pin IDE) on the back of the existing drive. No other special cables or connectors are required, and the equipment runs as normal.

How to install an Okuma Floppy

How to set up a Haas Floppy

Can I replace my existing floppy disk drive with a USB stick?

Yes, the floppy drive emulator is designed to replace existing floppy disk drive with a USB stick.

The emulator was made to replace almost all floppy drives on the market and eliminate the need to purchase floppy disks ever again.

What type of USB memory stick will work with the floppy disk emulator?

Any off-the-shelf USB memory flash drive will work, as long as it is 1GB or smaller, and formatted as “FAT” or “FAT16.” We recommend you pick a name brand and if needed, Shop Floor Automations can supply one at a low cost to guarantee reliability and compatibility.

What does the RJ45 Ethernet Port do on the Floppy Drive Emulator?

Currently, the RJ45 Ethernet port is not an active Ethernet Port on the Floppy Connect. It is there for future enhancements.