Status Relay Controller for Scytec DataXchange– What’s the Difference Between SRC Standard and SRC Extended?

Four different machine monitoring screens showing the status of four different machines including uptime, downtime, and more.If you are utilizing Scytec DataXchange, you may need to implement hardware with your shop floor equipment. That is where the Status Relay Controller comes into play. This device comes in two versions, SRC Standard and SRC Extended. Shop Floor Automations can help you determine which is right for your shop floor equipment.

What is a Status Relay Controller?

The Status Relay Controller (SRC) is an affordable hardware device that can be connected to a wired or wireless Ethernet adapter and allows you to monitor digital and analog signals of your legacy shop floor equipment. This low-cost device is programmed and able to integrate with Scytec DataXchange. SRC comes in two different configurations, SRC Standard and SRC Extended.

SRC Standard

SRC Standard offers digital inputs for status and counters. The device comes with 8 digital inputs that can be configured in multiple ways without any programming. This flexible and scalable solution can be configured to detect high or low signals, alternating signals, latch high or low based on the pulse, or to function as a simple counter. It works great for monitoring stack lights and other signals from your shop floor equipment.

SRC Extended

SRC Extended offers analog data acquisition and extended digital functionality beyond what SRC Standard offers. It includes all of the functionality offered by the Standard SRC but also includes up to 8 analog inputs and 8 more digital inputs. There are a variety of sensors utilized by SRC Extended, including temperature, vibration, and fill sensors.

Do the SRC Standard and Extended options work with Scytec DataXchange?

Yes! Both the SRC Extended and SRC Standard are designed to work with Scytec DataXchange machine monitoring. Scytec DataXchange is the preferred choice of machine monitoring software for many shop floors due to its scalability and flexibility. With a month to month option and plans that meet your needs, those looking to modernize their shop floors and take communication to the next level choose Scytec DataXchange. To implement your shop floor equipment with Scytec DataXchange, SRC Standard and SRC Extended are great, low-cost options.

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