Why You Should Monitor Machines with Scytec DataXchange

A 2-Port Wired Ethernet Connect with 1 port in use is wired to a Scytec Status Relay Controller to collect data from the machine they're connected to.Are you contemplating whether you should implement machine monitoring on your shop floor? With machine monitoring from Scytec DataXchange and the help of Shop Floor Automations, you can really take your operations to the next level.

What’s the purpose of machine monitoring?

Machine monitoring allows you to manage by fact. Instead of making educated guesses, by installing machine monitoring on your shop floor equipment, you can view OEE in real-time. This allows you to make informed decisions that can decrease downtime, improve utilization, and alleviate hidden bottlenecks. Shop floor equipment will be able to communicate automatically over Ethernet, populating a dashboard with data, statuses, and messages that allow leadership to proactively communicate with those on the shop floor.

Scytec DataXchange lets you view OEE in real-time.

If you are looking for a quality machine monitoring solution, Scytec DataXchange is the answer. Scytec was founded in 2001 and focuses strictly on machine monitoring. DataXchange came about in 2012 and is designed for cloud and on-premise applications. The solution is customizable, allowing you to start with just a few machines or scale up to global operations.

Modernize your shop floor with Scytec DataXchange.

With Scytec DataXchange, you can modernize your shop floor. It works via cloud or on-premise, so even less technologically advanced shops can utilize the technology. The technology is powerful, flexible and scalable, so it can be implemented and adapted to any shop floor. Scytec DataXchange also sends text and email notifications so even if you’re away from the facility, you can still keep an eye on what’s going on. With quality, integrated dashboards and unlimited real-time displays, reporting, charting and users, Scytec DataXchange is the best for keeping you up to date on your shop floor OEE.

Machine monitoring can change the culture of your company.

Machine monitoring doesn’t just allow you to improve shop floor efficiency. It can also change the culture of your company. Instead of educated guesses, you’re making informed decisions based on real-time data. This also empowers operators and allows you to take your business to the next level. Instead of being reactionary, the new normal is taking a proactive approach.

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