See us in Manufacturing News – Nov 2020


Manufacturing News – November 2020

Shop Floor Automations’ ad in Manufacturing News this past month of November 2020.

Please take a look and see what else is going on in the Manufacturing News Nov. 2020 issue.

There are some foundational abilities that a Shop Floor needs to have to compete in 2021 and beyond.

That includes the following:

  • DNC
    • Send to Machine
    • Receive from Machine
    • Remote Request
    • Subroutines & Sub Programs
    • Tool Restart after tool break
  • Machine Monitoring
    • Accountability and Traceability
    • Real-time signage
    • Improve productivity
    • Impartial metrics
    • Reward results
  • Production Document Management
    • Paperless mfg
    • Revision control
    • Reduce the # of documents
    • Controlled documents
    • Product mix avoidance
    • Resolve CAPA’s

SFA has become the industry leader in Shop Floor Communications and Machine Monitoring Solutions. Totally redefining what “Shop Floor Automation” solutions should be.  We have thousands of customers from across the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe and Asia.