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CNC Software And OEE Hardware Products in MFG News

Greg Mercurio Shop Floor Automations

CNC Software And OEE Hardware

Manufacturing News spoke with Greg Mercurio about some of our OEE software and CNC hardware this month.

Shop Floor Automations (SFA), distributor of Scytec Data Xchange, will be presenting its latest data collection in a cloud SAAS product along with its latest automation products for the shop floor.

CNC Software

SFA will showcase a cloud-based machine product to capture utilization, downtime and OEE data as well as display real-time machine performance. SFA will demonstrate how real-time utilization and OEE information can now be collected with no database or reporting servers to install or maintain. The pricing model is designed to allow users to explore machine monitoring without a huge upfront cost or unknowns.

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This new data collection system has the ability to track multiple types of cycle time. Cycle time can be tracked from a hardware adapter and through MTConnect or FANUC Focas to report on metrics, such as utilization and efficiency. The system also has the ability to run both sets of cycle time and then compare data.

CNC Hardware

The wireless hardware used for most serial-based machines now includes a connection for network-based machines.Asmachine tool builders include network options, the controller can now be placed on the network wirelessly using SFA’s new enhanced single wireless bridge device. The unit provides a standard device to interface to any machine brand or model and provides 802.11B/G speed with enterprise security.

USB Connect, SFA’s latest product to add a memory stick to the CNC control, comes in two models, a pendant mounted unit that is attached to the control and connects through the serial connection, and a portable unit that can be used across a variety of machines as a primary or backup NC program manager.

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