USB Connect Portable Hardware Case Study

Fredon Corporation was recently featured in a case study. Results from using SFA’s USB Connect Hardware were discussed.

Today’s Medical Developments recently featured a case study in their November/December 2018 issue.  The article highlights how our hardware bridged a technological skills gap for this Ohio company.

“A consistent goal of ours is to remain at the front of the manufacturing world,” Randy Glover Jr. at Fredon states. They want “to be able to provide our customers with high-quality parts manufactured in innovative ways.”

“Fredon is small enough to keep a one-on-one relationship with our customers,” Glover was quoted. He also stated they are “skilled enough to surpass the expectations of a facility many times larger [than ours].”

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“The process of having to load and unload our CNC programs was inefficient,” Glover says.

RS232 to USB Portable Hardware“It varied from machine to machine, and most times, it was a nightmare. I had to find a quick and easy solution that could be used by all team members, regardless of technical ability.”

To solve his issues, Glover invested in a Portable USB Connect in 2016, then he invested in two Floppy Drive Emulators plus a Pendant USB Connect recently.

To read more about the benefits Fredon has experienced, check out the case study online or in print.

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