Portable USB Connect

Portable Model Features

  • Portable rugged aluminum enclosure with 4 line LCD display
  • USB directory listing & DNC (drip-feed) operation
  • Mid-tape start with search function
  • Hardware & software flow control
  • End of block character control & optional delay
  • Start/End of transmission character

Tech Specs

The Portable USB Connect is a communication device that can be used to load and save programs from your CNC Memory and Drip-Feed to most CNC Machines. The USB Connect contains its own DNC firmware and requires no other device or components to work.

This solution is a great device to back up your DNC Network for when it goes down or to be used as the primary input device in your CNC shop. It supports the high-speed Baud rates that HAAS and FADAL controls offer, plus the USB Connect will work on most CNC Controls that support standard serial protocols.

Drip-feed (DNC) large files from your memory device. You do not need a CNC software or hardware update in order to use this device. A new feature available soon will be email alerts from this device whenever there is a production issue with your machine, such as an Emergency Stop.

Note* All manuals for this product are on the USB Stick provided with this order.


Customer Review

“Especially [helps] a lot of the older units with floppy drives in them, the PCMCIA cards, and they kind of died out. So it’s definitely a big help for us.”

-Randy, Fredon Corporation

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