Rise Up Industries is Giving Former Gang Members Another Chance at Life

Close up on a tablet with machine monitoring software in the hands of someone who was given a chance at a CNC technician position thanks to training from Rise Up.

Rise Up Industries is Giving Former Gang Members Another Chance at Life. The nonprofit program provides job skills training in Computer Numerical Control and other wrap-around services.

Often times, individuals that have been incarcerated struggle to adapt to life outside of prison when they are released. Many times, they cannot find a job when they are released or are only able to secure a job with low wages that doesn’t enable them to support themselves.

In fact, a recent study by The Brooking Economic Studies program found that in the first year after release, only 55% of individuals reported any earnings. For those with jobs, their median income is less than $11,000 annually and only 20% earned more than $15,000 a year. This often leads them back into a life of crime. Rise Up, a program modeled after Homeboy Industries seeks to change this.

Rise Up Provides Former Incarcerated Individuals 18 Months of Job Skills Training

Rise Up is a program that takes former gang members and other formerly incarcerated individuals and puts them through 18 months of job skills training in Computer Numerical Control. This is a method that automates control of machine tools sing software that is embedded into a microcomputer that is built into the tool. This process is typically used in metal and plastic part manufacturing. Jobs in this field are well-paying and allow themselves to support not only themselves but also their family.

Rise Up Also Provides Other Benefits Beyond Job Training

Rise Up offers more than just job training as well. Understanding that job training is not the only obstacle that formerly incarcerated individuals face, Rise Up also offers tattoo removal, financial literary training, and even therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder. With the goal to help individuals stay out of prison by providing them a way to earn a sustainable income, Rise Up is always looking for new ways to help formerly incarcerated individuals.

Shop Floor Automations Supports Rise Up!

Rise Up was launched in 2016 and has enrolled 27 people in total, seven of which have graduated with another seven still in the program. Those who have graduated from the program have all obtained jobs and have not returned to prison.

At Shop Floor Automations, we are happy to support Rise Up and the individuals that have made their way through the program. As a leading machine automation service provider, we understand the importance of the skillsets taught through the program and know how valuable they can be in the real world.

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