Why Should I Install Scytec DataXchange At My Facility?

You might have heard about Scytec DataXchange, a machine monitoring software solution, and be wondering what the real benefit is. If you do not have machine monitoring software installed in your equipment, you are wasting time and money! With Scytec DataXchange, you can view timelines, equipment status summaries, OEE summaries, trends, downtime, comparisons, and more on easy-to-read charts. This enables you to make informed decisions and improve your overall shop floor efficiency.

What are the features of Scytec DataXchange Machine Monitoring?

If you are looking for a great machine monitoring solution on the market, Scytec DataXchange is it. We are proud to partner with Scytec to provide our clients with machine monitoring software that offers the following features:

  • On-Premise or Cloud-based monitoring solution
  • Store data on your server or in a data center
  • Track real-time OEE, utilization & more
  • Integrate with any ERP or business system
  • Unlimited reporting & charting licenses
  • Customize dashboards for real-time productivity
  • Flexible operator data entry – Windows, iOS & Android
  • Real-time overall equipment effectiveness dashboard for manufacturers
  • Monitor machine overrides and downtime – remote machine monitoring
  • Machine data collection and shop floor data entry for productivity
  • Equipment status, reports, and charts for lean MFG
  • Mobile monitoring – notifications via text/email

The features and benefits of Scytec DataXchange are endless. Contact Shop Floor Automations to speak with a representative about how Scytec DataXchange can benefit your shop floor.

How can I learn to use this machine monitoring software system?

Adding machine monitoring software to your equipment might seem daunting, but Shop Floor Automations makes it easy! You can easily view videos and helpful FAQs that detail specific parts of the software system. In addition to the videos and FAQs for Scytec DataXchange, you can also take advantage of DataXchange E-Learning. This is a video course that you are given access to for 12 months that covers every single aspect of DataXchange. From installation to schedule reports, DataXchange E-Learning has it all.

Contact Shop Floor Automations for help implementing Scytec DataXchange in your facility!

Shop Floor Automations has over years of experience when it comes to machine monitoring software. We are proud to offer Scytec DataXchange as one of our machine monitoring software solutions as we know the ins and outs of the software and how beneficial it can be to our clients. If you are interested in learning more about Scytec DataXchange or are ready to discuss implementing it in your facility, give us a call today at (619) 461-4000 or shoot us an email at info@shopfloorautomations.com!

To learn more about the software and hardware solutions we offer to improve your shop floor efficiency, visit us on the web at Shop Floor Automations.