How Machine Monitoring Can Improve Your Shop Floor Efficiency

A 2-Port Wired Ethernet Connect with 1 port in use is wired to a Scytec Status Relay Controller to collect data from the machine they're connected to.Improving shop floor efficiencies is essential in today’s competitive market. Thankfully, you can take advantage of machine monitoring in Dallas TX to take your productivity to the next level. By utilizing machine monitoring, you can view in real-time what your shop floor equipment is doing and make informed decisions.

Selecting the right machine monitoring software might seem difficult, but there are really only two options to consider; Scytec DataXchange and Predator MDC.

Scytec DataXchange

When it comes to machine monitoring software, Scytec DataXchange is one of the best options. This software is available in an on-premise or cloud-based package and starts at just $45 per month. With Scytec DataXchange, you can view real-time overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) on a dashboard specifically designed for manufacturers. That means you can monitor machine overrides and downtime remotely, and collect data on equipment status.

Scytec DataXchange also allows you to track multiple types of cycle time and you can utilize hardware adapters like MTConnect or FANUC FOCAS to ensure machine compatibility. By implementing this machine monitoring software in your Dallas TX facility, you can improve your shop floor efficiencies.

Predator MDC (Machine Data Collection)

Predator MDC is another top option when comparing machine monitoring solutions in Dallas TX. This machine data collection software allows you to monitor up to 4,000 machines and includes access to over 30,000 reports and charts. You will have the capability for automated and manual shop floor data collection and can track everything from cycle time, idle, and setup, to tear down and equipment downtime.

With Predator MDC, you will have access to real-time information on how your shop floor equipment is operating. This allows you to not only organize real-time data into actionable metrics, but you can also compare continuous improvement results for your lean manufacturing efforts. You’ll no longer have to rely on spreadsheets, as Predator MDC puts everything in an easy to read dashboard and provides access to charts and reports that give you the insights and information you need.

Trust Shop Floor Automations with Machine Monitoring in Dallas TX.

At Shop Floor Automations, we have over years of experience implementing machine monitoring in Dallas TX. Whether you are looking to install Predator MDC to monitor up to 4,000 CNC machines or want to implement Scytec DataXchange for on-premise and cloud-based machine monitoring in Dallas TX, you can trust Shop Floor Automations to get the job done in a quality and timely manner. We’ve automated thousands of manufacturing machines and helped countless companies take advantage of machine monitoring and we’d love to add you to our list of success stories. Contact us today at (619) 461-4000 to learn more about our machine monitoring services in Dallas TX.

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