What’s New With Predator DNC Software v11 Release?

Predator DNC v11.0 was just released, updating its v10 predecessor. The latest version of Predator DNC comes with a bevy of updates that are intended to improve the software’s functionality.

Why Upgrade to Predator DNC v11.0?

This version of Predator DNC is designed to improve communications with Ethernet-based CNCs, CMMs, 3D printers, robots and PLCs. The Ethernet-based Predator Secure DNC technology is intended to support a wide array of Windows-based devices and also includes improvements to FTP, Fanuc Focas, and more. Predator DNC v11 also comes with a new user interface that makes the software easier to use.

What’s new with v11.0?

Predator DNC is updated with new features regularly. With Predator DNC v11, there are numerous updates and new features, including:

Windows 10 Support: Microsoft Windows 10 has been added to v11. This update also includes support for both the x64 and IoT Enterprise edition. With the announcement from Microsoft that support end in January 2020 for Windows 7, this is a critical time to migrate system remained patched and secured on the shop floor network.

Secure DNC: You can also take advantage of the latest Predator DNC software by transferring to your legacy machines with older Windows operations system using Predator Secure DNC. Predator DNC Software allows you to network all CNCs, EDMs, robots, and PLCs on one network. Major CNC protocols like Mazatrol (CMT), Okuma B, and Xmodem are all supported and you can send and receive drip-feed to up to 4,096 devices. With highly flexible interface options, you can easily communicate with your shop equipment via wireless, wired, USB, and Ethernet.

Unlimited File Size Support: You can also take advantage of the latest Predator DNC software by transferring unlimited size files. The software was thoroughly tested with 32GB files.

Mori Seiki Terminator: With Predator DNC v11.0 you can also get the new Mori Seiki Terminator. This allows Mori CNCs to integrate directly into Predator DNC v11 without the need to manage and maintain the Mori Server Software.

These are just some of the benefits that you can get by upgrading to v11. If you are interested in learning more about the update or scheduling installation, contact Shop Floor Automations!

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