Why Predator DNC is Better than Free Software Alternatives

Man working with DNC Software at his desk.Keeping your shop running efficiently and minimizing downtime is essential in today’s competitive landscape. Thankfully, DNC software allows you to link all of your CNC programs, offsets, and machine parameters on a single network. There are several options out there for DNC software, but Predator DNC far exceeds what free software alternatives are able to provide.

What is Predator DNC?

Predator DNC is paid software that allows you to link your CNCs and other shop equipment on a single network. This software package allows various methods of connection, including wireless, wired, and Ethernet, and is designed to improve your revision control and streamline the process between you and your CNC program. You will no longer be required to walk from machine to machine as everything will be linked on a single network.

What are some issues with free software that users don’t experience with Predator DNC?

If you are contemplating getting a free software alternative to Predator DNC, it is important to understand the saying “you get what you pay for” in this scenario. Predator DNC is far superior to the free alternatives out there, especially in regards to:


  • Support: When it comes to implementing an industrial network to connect all of your machines and equipment, questions can arise. With free software, the only place you will get any support or assistance is in forums and chatrooms. When working with Predator DNC, you will receive 24/7 customer support should any issues arise.
  • Compatibility: Another drawback that users experience with free DNC software alternatives is limited compatibility. In some instances, free software may only work with a few machines, which doesn’t provide the system-wide network that you’re looking for.
  • System Integration: When you’re working with free software, system integration can also be an issue. Free software is not always reliable and some of your machines can get left off the system. That prohibits you from maximizing shop floor efficiencies.

Contact Shop Floor Automations today if you are interested in implementing Predator DNC at your facility!

If you are interested in the benefits that Predator DNC can afford your shop, Shop Floor Automations can help. This flexible software allows interface options including wireless, wired, Ethernet and USB, which means it’s a good fit for almost any shop floor. Plus, Predator DNC allows you to network all CNCs, EDMs, robots, and PLCs with a single software. If you are looking to improve your shop floor efficiency, Predator DNC might be just the software you’re looking for.

At Shop Floor Automations, we have over years of experience with shop floor automation and machine monitoring. That means you can trust us to not only get the job done right, but to provide the necessary support afterwards. Contact Shop Floor Automations today at (619) 461-4000 to get started implementing Predator DNC in your facility!