Utilizing Scytec DataXchange for On-Premise and Cloud-Based OEE Monitoring

Are you considering implementing Scytec DataXchange for machine monitoring at your facility, but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice? At Shop Floor Automations we know the different types of machine monitoring software inside and out, which means we can help you decide if Scytec DataXchange is the right fit for your facility!

How Can Scytec DataXchange Benefit Your Shop Floor?

Scytec DataXchange is a great tool for facilities that need a machine monitoring solution. Scytec DataXchange doesn’t just let you collect data, but provides data in a way that is easy to understand. By providing access to charts, timelines, and OEE summaries in a real-time dashboard, you can view everything in one place and make informed decisions.

What are the key features of Scytec DataXchange?

You know what Scytec DataXchange is, but do you know what the main features of the on-premise and cloud-based monitoring solution are? Scytec DataXchange offers a real-time overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) dashboard. This allows you to monitor your machine overrides as well as downtime, and you can do so remotely. You can also store the data on a server or in a data center, and you have access to unlimited reporting and charting. Plus, you can easily customize your dashboard to view productivity in real-time. With the flexibility to work with Windows, iOS, and Android, Scytec DataXchange might be just the monitoring solution that your facility needs.

Can Scytec DataXchange easily integrate with business systems?

Yes! Scytec DataXchange can easily integrate with all types of ERP/MRP business systems. Scytec DataXchange can integrate with any business system, utilizing RESTful API, VB Scripts, or simply reading and wring CSV files or database tables. Typical data common from systems include Job (work order) number, job status, description, scheduled start/end date, part number, make quantity, ideal times, and other related job information.

What does it cost to license Scytec DataXchange?

The good news is that there are flexible licensing options for Scytec DataXchange, and that’s for both the On-Premise and Cloud options. The on-premise version starts at $1,000 per machine up front for Bronze level and you host all the data on your server. The cloud-based solutions start at $50 a month for Bronze level features, and one-time activation fee of $1,000. Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels are more expensive, but you have more extensive features at your disposal.

How can Shop Floor Automations help you implement Scytec DataXchange?

Do you want to take advantage of all the benefits that Scytec DataXchange offers? If so, Shop Floor Automations can help! Since , we’ve been offering software and hardware solutions to improve machine monitoring and shop floor efficiency. We’ve worked with large industrial clients as well as smaller ones and there is no job too big or too small for our talented team to handle. If you’re interested in learning more about Scytec DataXchange or know that you’re ready to move forward but need help implementing it, contact us today at (619) 461-4000! We’ll be happy to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.