What is a Status Relay Control (SRC)?

Via our DataXchange product page, the Status Relay Control (SRC) helps simplify ease of collection from equipment via a signal/combo of signals.

Connect to outputs from another system (EXAMPLE: a CNC, a PLC, or devices like a proximity sensor). Scytec DataXchange reads all inputs of status to help users create a better understanding of their machines.

More information about it:

  • for machines not MTConnect of FANUC FOCAS based
  • no programming required & has a low price
  • can be wired or wireless
  • has 8 data collecting inputs
  • 6 outputs for triggering
  • has an RS232 serial interface
  • is powered off 24 volts
  • typically used with Serial to Ethernet converter

For more information, contact the SFA Sales Department for an in-depth brochure on the SRC.

Category: Machine Monitoring