How does Predator DNC Software communicate to a network-based CNC?

Predator DNC supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol) as well as Windows Share (mapped drives) for communication to the CNC.

The advantage of using this connection is faster speed and ease of connection to the network. The machine will require configuration from your network administrator to provide IPs, drive letters, user and permission controls. Some corporate networks do not allow this equipment to be connected through FTP due to security issues and potential risk of viruses.

Furthermore, most operating systems on CNCs are out-dated running Windows 95, 98, Server 2000 or NT. Updates to the operating system are not permitted typically from the machine tool builder, unlike computers used in the office.

Due to issues such as these, Predator DNC software now also supports Secure DNC, which allows encrypted communication via only two TCP ports. It can also transmit not only main programs but also subprograms and library programs to the correct folders in your CNC working memory and/or hard drive. It supports operating systems as old as Windows 95 and has extremely minimal system requirements that essentially any Windows-based CNC can meet.

It is also worth noting that Predator DNC now supports Fanuc FOCAS communication, which can rapidly send programs directly in and out of Fanuc i-Series controls. This is done without any action needed at the CNC itself, unlike older Serial send/receive processes. Moreover, Predator DNC now also supports Ethernet-based communications for DMG Mori (formerly Mori Seiki) machines running MAPPS versions II, III, and IV. This, in a fashion very similar to Fanuc FOCAS, allows programs to be sent in and out of CNC controllers, over the network, without any operator input needed at the machine.

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