What machine notifications does DataXchange send?

Each level of DataXchange has different CNC data collection features. Therefore, you will get different machine notifications depending on what level you use.

Typical machine monitoring requests from customers:

  • Lower feedrate overrides? All feedrate overrides can be tracked with all levels of DataXchange.
  • Unknown downtime? Yes – with all versions. Includes CNC downtime reasons such as CNC program stop, machine sitting in feed hold, etc.
  • Planned machine downtime? Input notes for planned downtime such as coolant change, tool change, lockout tagout, and more with levels Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  • Shop floor utilization? OEE can be tracked with levels Gold and Platinum only.
  • Mobile machine monitoring? DataXchange users can achieve iPhone CNC monitoring and Android CNC monitoring through the software. Ask us for more info.
  • Email and text machine notifications? Yes, for Silver, Gold and Platinum levels.
  • CNC notifications, including machine downtime notifications? It depends on the type of notifications you want from different equipment activity.

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