What are the DataXchange Initial Connection Settings?

The first time the application is run the Account information must be entered on the Account page.

The Account Number and Account Password will be retained and will not have to be entered each time the application starts.  Once the Account information has been saved the username and password must be entered to log in.

The username and password will not be retained automatically, however, Auto Login can be enabled on the Settings page.

Once your settings are set up, collect from Ethernet or RS232 based devices
In addition to supporting the latest technologies, DataXchange also supports RS232 serial devices such as CNC machines, CMM’s, scanners and RFID hardware.

Collect from CNC machines, PLCs, or even manual machines
While collecting from equipment with the latest technology such as MTConnect is great, many times there’s a need to collect from manual equipment. Keying off of voltage, current, or presence sensors are all methods used as input into DataXchange to identify the state of the equipment.

If the Internet connection is lost, data is retained and automatically uploaded once the connection is restored
Temporary loss of internet connectivity will not cause the loss of any data. If the data collection terminal running DataXchange locally cannot connect to any of the hosted servers the data will be retained locally and uploaded as soon as the internet connection is restored.

Category: Machine Monitoring