Top 3 Solutions for Improved, Secure CNC Networking

A close up of a machine's tool head at work cutting metal based on the data it receives via a secure CNC network.Your programs are your livelihood on the shop floor. They make the parts that keep you in business. You want to make sure no one is stealing them or changing them without authority, and that they are securely loaded into your CNC machines. What measures are you taking to make sure your machine programs are on track for success? Let’s take a look at Shop Floor Automations Top 3 list of solutions for better CNC networking.

DNC Software

If controlling program communication for over 4,000 devices sounds impossible, you’ll be surprised. One network for all the equipment on your shop floor is more than a pipe dream. DNC is available for many controls, including Haas, DMG, Mazak, Fagor, Okuma, Fanuc, and more. Communication can be achieved wirelessly, via ethernet, and through RS232. Another benefit of Predator DNC is Remote Request. Using this feature through the software helps machinists improve productivity, as they can send, receive, and drip-feed programs at the machine. Since they have directory listings of programs at their machine tool, they no longer need to walk back and forth from the PC to the CNC.

Secure DNC

Some companies are prioritizing hiring new workers to fill in the manufacturing skills gap as the previous generation of workers retires out. When old machine tools can’t always be replaced right away, older, Windows-based controls can instead use a Predator feature called Secure DNC. Secure file transfers can take place through firewalls for these machines. You can send programs directly to the hard drive without interfering with the shop’s network or adding them to the domain. This exclusive Predator feature has been sought after especially by companies that have concerns about cybersecurity in their shops.

CNC Revision Control

A critical element to manufacturing productivity, CNC Revision Control is often overlooked for the processes of hand-coded programs and programs floating around the shop on portable media. No control over shop programs leads to old programs running at machines or inaccuracies in the part, which can generate wasted raw material, man time, and unhappy customers. Our customers have stated that implementing revision control helps with better throughput, saved money, improved margins, and more accuracy in delivery times. Predator PDM (Production Data Management) can help with achieving these goals.

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