Shop Floor Automations Newsletter – May 2012

Shop Floor Automations NewsletterThe following is an archived copy of the Shop Floor Automations Newsletter – May 2012.

Machine Monitoring for as low as $45 Per Month!

Scytec’s Hosted DataXchange is the most cost efficient and simple method of Machine Monitoring available. It can scale for those with limited budgets up to sophisticated 200+ machine shops with assembly lines and robotics.  DataXchange allows customers to collect machine data remotely and store in a secure offsite location. It is available starting at $45 per machine per month and includes volume discounts.

You may have seen our advertisements in the press and on the web! Act now while our setup fee is discounted through May 31st.  Schedule an online web demo or onsite visit by contacting our sales department.

Tech Tip
#4 of 4 Mistakes Manufacturers make:

Working extra hours of overtime to create a cushion that can be called upon for hot jobs

Overtime labor is expensive. Not every employee wants to work overtime, either. If you know that a large order is imminent and you want to clear your schedule to accommodate the order, then perhaps working overtime makes sense. But, what if the order does not arrive when it is expected? What if the order requires manufacturing resources you didn’t plan to deploy?
The JobPack Master Scheduler is a real‐time finite capacity scheduling tool that loads production jobs to maximize the use of machines and other resources and immediately identifies what resources will be overloaded. This allows you to adjust the production schedule to reduce the overloads and meet your customer delivery promises. Add overtime if you need it. Move jobs to other machines or work centers. Schedule jobs into the future as far as your lead times require.

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