Shop Floor Automations Newsletter – April 2012

Shop Floor Automations NewsletterThe following is an archived copy of the Shop Floor Automations Newsletter – April 2012 issue.

Congratulations to our contest winners!!!

Our “Success Stories” contest winner is Nathan Pierce from Lesco Automotive Industries in San Luis Obispo, CA. He won a $250 gift certificate to for submitting the best success story.

The Westec 2012 Trade Show was a great success.  The contest has ended and our two drawing winners are:

**  Sevan Hallajian from G & H Precision in North Hollywood, CA. winning a Moxa Wireless CNC Device

**  Joseph MacIsacc from San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA. winning a USB Serial Adapter

Hosted Machine Monitoring is now available!

Josh Davids from Scytec Corporation unveiled his company’s latest product – Hosted DataXchange. It allows customers to collect machine data and store it in a secure offsite location. Hosted DataXchange is available starting at $45 per machine per month without any long term commitment.  Volume discounts are also available starting at just 6 pieces of equipment. Collect multiple types of real time cycle status and have access to reporting and charting from anywhere with internet access.  Hosted DataXchange is easily integrated with network based machines using Fanuc Focas or MTConnect on Mazak, Okuma, and many others.

For Shop Floor Automations customers, until the end of May, we can offer 50% off the already low setup fee of $1,000. Call to set up a personal online presentation today!

Other Westec Trade Show Recap News:

The show went extremely well and attendance was up from 2010 with a record number of visitors at SFA’s booth.  Along with the new machine monitoring solution, buzz around the CMMS Maintenance Software also attracted attendees.

Marc Bromberg from Smartware was there to help demonstrate his Bigfoot CMMS maintenance software solution.  Many clients expressed interest in learning more how Bigfoot automates preventive maintenance schedules for every piece of plant floor equipment, including components, entered into its database.  Bigfoot’s advanced capabilities included predictive maintenance, asset life cycle analysis, parts replacement inventory, and history tracking with built in reporting.

Tech Tip

#3 of 4 Big Manufacturer Mistakes:

Padding a job with extra hours OR giving the customer a padded delivery promise

When you have no faith in the accuracy of your production schedules, the way to cushion the schedule is to deceive yourself by padding the time standards or padding the delivery promise dates. Rather than “just‐in‐time”, you now have “just‐in‐case” production management. Anytime you put incorrect information into the system, you make all of your answers incorrect. The problem becomes larger because the inflation of rates and dates grows as employees become less confident about the information they receive.

With JobPack Master Scheduler, the real‐time, finite capacity scheduling system, the accurate time standards and accurate machine/resource capacities deliver a reliable, achievable production schedule with dependable customer delivery dates. As production jobs are completed and reported on, you capture the actual performance results, so you can use the actual performance to fine‐tune the time standards for future production jobs. Gradually, employees and customers believe the accuracy of the production schedule. This reduces the amount of work‐in‐process inventory, minimizes expediting costs, and improves overall customer satisfaction.

IMTS 2012 coming this Fall
With a successful Westec completed, we will be planning for IMTS this September 10th – 15th in Chicago. Please let us know if you will be attending so you can receive the latest updates on product news and releases.  We are also happy to arrange a meeting to further demonstrate the benefits of our solutions.


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