Shop Floor Automations Newsletter – April 2011

Shop Floor Automations Newsletter Shop Floor Automations Newsletter – April 2011

The following is an archive copy of our Shop Floor Automations Newsletter from April 2011.

Are you an existing customer using Predator Software?  Maybe you are using an old copy the CNC Editor inside SurfCAM, GibbsCAM, SmartCAM, ProCAM, CAMWorks, or BobCAD-CAM.  Ask us about productivity improvement!

* Predator DNC*
Upload, download, drip-feed up to 100+ machines from a single server and eliminate walking to and from your CNCs.  We are offering upgrade specials to bring your legacy system up to speed with new hardware and operating systems with little downtime and effort.  Call us today to learn more and if you want to add your Ethernet-based CNCs, we support those too!
* Predator Production Data Management*
Predator PDM is a manufacturing driven software solution designed to organize and control CNC programs, setup sheets, safety procedures, quality documents and others files with revision control.  The application works in server / clients environments and supports Microsoft Access, SQL or Oracle.

* Predator Data Collection*

Machine monitoring is real-time software that automatically collects, reports, charts and processes real-time shop floor manufacturing data including cycle time, idle time, setup time, machine downtime and more.  Predator MDC improves manufacturing by supplying accurate shop floor productivity metrics to improve operations and to make better decisions.
Ready for Wireless?

Add wireless to any CNC machine with a serial port or Ethernet port to eliminate long cable runs, data lost and flexibility to move machines.  Easy to install and can be added to any wired system regardless of communication software.  Works with Predator DNC, CAD/CAM system and competitive DNC systems. Free wireless survey at your facility by our service technicians.

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