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Onsite Services Special

Onsite Services Special

Looking to improve communication to your CNC machines? We are offering onsite services to fine-tune your existing DNC system. We constantly have special discounts for our services.

Add cabling to a new machine, troubleshoot, move the system to a more reliable PC, or provide onsite training and consulting. We will make sure everything is set up properly and that your shop floor workers are trained before we take one step out of your shop and label the job as “done.”

We also have remote assistant services available, if you don’t have the time or current resources to bring one of our friendly techs to your shop. We have many references, via our Customer Testimonials page. We also have many customer success stories you can watch on YouTube. Call us toll free at (877) 611-5825 if you are ready to go!

What some customers have to say about Shop Floor Automations:

Your team did an excellent job getting us out of a jam with recent damage to our Extreme DNC PC which got zapped by lightning. Within minutes after its arrival, only about 14 hours after my phone call to your tech named Guy, my guys had it working to load programs into our CNC machines. -Matt Slay, Jordan Machine Co.

I am very happy with the software and it is having a positive impact on our productivity. Shop Floor Automations had been somebody that we worked with really before we acquired it 13 years ago. We had Predator and some of the software you supplied. Recently, we added the Scytec DataXchange stuff a few years ago, and you guys are just good problem solvers for us! There was minimal startup cost and it requires little software management on the user end. Significant increases in machine utilization, better information flow between engineering guys and programming guys, quality guys, shop floor guys, and us as owners! Knowing what’s happening on the shop floor. I would recommend you, and I have – we’re big proponents of the software and you have been a really good resource for us. We’re happy to use cloud-based solutions like Scytec DataXchange! -Jerry Halley, Tech Manufacturing LLC

Our Predator DNC system is running so well, that after over 2 years, I have moved the keyboard and monitor off my desk and into a corner. It requires no maintenance and provides us with a trouble-free system. – Mark Chambers, Tech Manufacturing