Predator DNC – 5 Reasons That Now is the Time to Buy

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For many years, Shop Floor Automations has been touting the efficacy of Predator DNC software. With a host of specialized features designed to help you optimize your shop floor equipment and processes, putting this software to work for you could just change the way your facility operates for the better. Providing a consolidated, industrial networking solution for all your CNC machines, let’s take a closer look at five reasons why your shop floor can no longer afford to go without the benefits of Predator DNC software.

Simplify CNC Communications to Increase Reliability

If you are still using USB drives, floppy disks, PCMCIA cards, paper tape, or some personally devised hardware solution to communicate with your CNC machines, you should know that there is a better, simpler, and more reliable way of doing things.

Predator DNC provides true networking solutions, ensuring that the entire manufacturing process becomes more reliable and your team becomes more productive as a result. Able to support virtually every CNC machine, robot, 3D printer, CMM, and other machinery, Predator DNC can be used to support an unlimited number of industrial manufacturing equipment if done correctly.

That single industrial network for every machine creates simpler, yet more effective CNC communications within your facility, eliminating the multiple methods and/or applications of CNC communications you may have been relying on previously.

Additionally, Predator Software allows you to centralize and simplify the backup and the management of your CNC programs by putting everything into one straightforward platform. Send, receive, and drip feed your CNC programs, offsets, variables, and registers all in one integrated application.

Simplify ISO 900x Compliance

Another important benefit Predator DNC can have on the simplicity and ease of your operations is its power to assist with ISO Compliance.

Used by organizations of all sizes and in all industries, the current ISO standards are internationally recognized as the benchmark by which to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services which meet customer & regulatory requirements. Predator software helps to make meeting these rigorous standards more natural within your processes.

Increase Functionality

Predator DNC software offers a wide range of intelligent advancements that serve to increase the functionality of your CNC machines and your entire shop floor. With the latest versions of CNC programs, you will be able to reduce mistakes and avoid production mix-ups before they start. Predator DNC software also gives you the ability to:

  • Run large CNC programs with comparatively little CNC memory
  • Share CNC program access among similar CNC machines
  • Control and edit CNC programs directly and easily
  • Eliminate walking to and from the programming office and CNC to transfer part program using remote request
  • Standardize on one software application to communicate to every CNC
  • Network legacy Windows-based CNCs without connecting to the Windows Domain
  • Access programs immediately, multiple machines can download programs at the same time
  • And integrate with existing Predator Machine Monitoring and Product Data Management Software

Additionally, Predator’s bar code and QR code operations work to reduce even further production mistakes. Scanning one or more bar codes ensures you have the correct programs automatically downloaded to each CNC.

Save Time

Those familiar with the industry know just how important time is to overall production and profitability. Predator DNC software gives you and your team the ability to save your most valuable resource, time, in more effective ways.

Loading programs on USB drives, floppy disks, or PCMCIA cards, and walking them to the CNC to then load them on the CNC could take several minutes. Reducing this time to five-ten minutes to complete the process for all your CNCs could pay for the solution within weeks simply in production time saved. Furthermore, the security of revision control is completely lost when using the above-mentioned methods. A scrap part on the shop floor due to running the wrong part program or changes made by the operator could be lost if never connected to the DNC system.

Additionally, Predator Software’s ease of implementation can reduce your IT Department’s time to configure, train, and operate the system from uninterrupted workflows, and machine downtime.

Compatible with Standard Hardware

Since 1994 when Predator DNC was released, the industry has developed with hundreds of brands of machines and controller models. However, the product works with industry-standard RS-232 serial hardware, including Ethernet and wireless serial/ethernet devices, standard hubs, switch boxes, and USB compatible ports. Predator is leading the IIoT deployment, connecting hundreds of machines through standard Windows applications that can run as Windows Service for Server Environments.

Make the Most of Your Predator Software with Shop Floor Automations

Founded in 1998, Shop Floor Automations has helped increase efficiencies and profits for thousands of customers with proven software from Scytec, Ascendant Technologies, and Predator Software. As the #1 Predator Software Reseller, we are ready to partner with you to do the same.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Predator Software or are ready to make a purchase that will help your shop floor processes become even more proficient, contact our team today.