MFG Day 2016Happy MFG Day!

To celebrate this day, we share some insight below from a few of our customers and experts from this field. 

To review some quick facts as to why this industry matters to America:

1) Workers in a manufacturing-related job can make about $15,000 more per year than most other job fields.

2) For every dollar spent on this industry, the economy gains an 81 cent profit.

3) Organizations like Workshops for Warriors (WFW) are able to thrive while helping those who served our country get training and jobs in the manufacturing field. PTSD and other factors can make it difficult for veterans to return to the workforce, and WFW gives them a great venue to explore a new career.

“The pay is good, and for me, I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that I can turn a piece of raw material into a finished product,” says Ben Molinar, who is a Shop Operations Manager for GMI Group. “Also, knowing that the parts that I am making will go to a customer somewhere to be used in their operations is a pretty awesome feeling.”

“Something different every day, something exciting every day,” James Baker of Amarillo Gear says, of working as a machinist in the manufacturing field. “It was a blessing to be part of it, and it’s been 20 years into programming and 30 in the machinist field.”

“For me, it’s something I feel I’ll always do,” the CNC supervisor told us during this interview. “It would take a lot for me to want to leave this field.”

James encourages kids who enjoy working with math to pursue a job in manufacturing. “The machine shop is where you actually use math, trigonometry, algebra– it’s in the machine shop. I can program, understand and axis machines, and live tool equipment.”

Ben told us in his interview that there are other benefits to consider in this line of work. “I can go anywhere in the world and work. Because of my experience and background in machining, I have been able to work all around the globe.”

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