Manufacturing is Happening Every Day

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The manufacturing industry is a big boost to our economy.

The Manufacturing Institute reports that 47 percent of exports from the United States come from our manufacturing sector alone, which is a big deal.

The NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association) states that for every dollar invested into American manufacturing, $1.81 is gained by the economy. It may seem small, but it’s still a profit – if a Million dollars were put into the manufacturing sector just this week, it would make back that Million, plus turn a profit of $810,000! You can see more facts about why this industry matters to our country by reading our the infographic in this post.

Shop Floor Automations cares a great deal about the manufacturing sector, as well. Our goal is to help our customers, who work on the shop floors and produce these goods, communicate better with their machines and get the most use out of them. We work with machinists, engineers, programmers – we speak to many different people in the manufacturing industry on a daily basis.

One such customer that we have helped is Ben Molinar, who is a Shop Operations Manager. Here is some of his story below:

What inspired you to get into manufacturing? “My reasons for getting into manufacturing are pretty simple. The pay is good, and for me, I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that I can turn a piece of raw material into a finished product. Also, knowing that the parts that I am making will go to a customer somewhere to be used in their operations is a pretty awesome feeling.”

It seems like you are very inspired by manufacturing! “Manufacturing is happening every day, all over the world. The technology is always changing, so there is always something to learn and ways to improve.”

If you could say anything else about manufacturing to try and convince the future generation about why it’s a great job field, what would you say? “I can go anywhere in the world and work. Because of my experience and background in machining, I have been able to work all around the globe.”

Ben Molinar is a Shop Operations Manager at GMI Group, formerly Gulf Manufacturing, which has locations in Texas and Louisiana.

Have a great story to tell about why you got into manufacturing or are you doing something special for MFG Day? Contact us on social media, or call (877) 611-5825 to talk about what is happening on your shop floor.