cnc control

Click the photo to see the full detail of these hilarious CNC control operator buttons!

Everyone works differently on the shop floor. Some machinists use sticky notes, or custom stickers on machines, other use full sheets of paper to leave notes, and there are others who embed reminders in their coding. That being said, here are some funny CNC control photos we have seen over the years!

SFA has serviced all manner of manufacturers over the years. We have helped increase productivity for CNC machinists, fabricators, moldmakers – you name it! We are also fascinated with the #instamachinist movement on Instagram. Read more below!

We wanted to share some of the hilarious photos we have seen of how these makers remind themselves to get it done. Check out the slideshow below and our notes about their notes:

Slide 1: Machine control fun. This instagrammer really enjoys getting the most use out of his machine control.

Slide 2: Short & to the point. This welder on Instagram is not afraid to be blunt and direct while on the job.

Slide 3: “Do not step on this!” This Instagram user loves admiring notes left by others on his shop floor.

Slide 4: “I’ll kill you.” …Well, remind us to never touch that guy’s stuff on the shop floor!

Slide 5: Old, but not Obsolete. We love seeing hand-written G-code. There’s a certain beauty to it.

Slide 6: Coolant, please! We’ve all heard the shop floor joke of “don’t drink the coolant” – well, don’t forget it for the machines, either!

We love all this, but here are a few suggestions: Machine monitoring gives alerts to your coworkers throughout the shop floor, such as material needed or to not touch your stuff. DNC software will help with managing programs and revision control. We also recommend PDM to go paperless.

You can call (877) 611-5825 for more info on productivity solutions, or if you want to share more funny shop floor photos like this. We love them!