Eliminate Floppy Drives From Your Shop Floor with Floppy Drive Emulator

Floppy to USB

Floppy Connect

Floppy Connect allows you to replace your floppy drives, which are hard to obtain and can often be unreliable. If you want to implement Floppy Drive Emulator on your shop floor, Shop Floor Automations can help.

Benefits of Installing Floppy Drive Emulators

Though the Floppy Connect hardware doesn’t add memory to your machine, there are so many benefits to the CNC upgrade.

First, Floppy Drive Emulator allows you to refresh legacy machines without replacing them. This upgrades your machine without requiring you to spend thousands of dollars on a new CNC machine.

It also saves you from having to hunt for obsolete storage media. It can be difficult to track down floppy disks but with the Floppy Drive Emulator, you only need a USB stick.

Finally, you can also eliminate proprietary upgrades. Floppy Connect is a small investment compared to having a tech from the machine tool builder evaluate your machine for upgrades.

Types of Floppy Drive Emulators

There are various models of Floppy Drive Emulators available, including:

Floppy Drive Emulator (Universal)

  • Eliminate Floppy Disks
  • Works with PCs or CNC machinery
  • Interface to the existing ribbon cable
  • No modification to the equipment needed
  • Plugs into the floppy power connector
  • Supports 720k/1.44MB capacity IBM
  • Support Wired EDM, Mills, Lathes, Robots, & other types of equipment

Haas Floppy Drive Emulator

  • Only for Haas machines
  • Plug and Play Haas Floppy to USB functions
  • Replace old Floppy disks with a USB Flash drive & still maintain Floppy procedures
  • Off-the-shelf pricing
  • Slide the old floppy drive out of the HAAS & slide in the SFA Floppy Emulator
  • Hold the same amount of data on a USB drive that Floppy disk could
  • Supports mills, lathes, and tool room CNCs
  • Add USB to your old Haas at a low cost

Mazak Floppy Drive Emulator

  • Emulates Mazak floppy actions
  • Replaces old Floppy disks with a USB stick
  • Low-cost Mazak floppy USB solution
  • Easily installed hardware
  • Handles Mazatrol (CMT) files
  • Holds same data amount on a USB drive that floppy disk could
  • Add USB to your Mazak at a low cost
  • USA support with a toll-free number

Okuma Floppy Drive Emulator

  • Only for Okuma machines
  • Floppy Disk Drive Core Replacement
  • Easy to install and use
  • Transfer IGF Files to a USB stick
  • Holds the same amount of data on a USB stick that Floppy disk does

If you are trying to decide what Floppy Drive Emulator is right for your shop floor, Shop Floor Automations can help!

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