Add USB to Mazak with the USB Connect Mazak Model

Are you looking for a way to modernize your Mazak CNC equipment and drip-feed large files? With the USB Connect Mazak model, you can all this and more!

Why add USB Connect to your Mazak machine?

The USB Connect device acts as an interface between any CNC control with an RS232 port and any commercially available USB flash memory. It enables you to send machine tool files from CNC memory to the USB key, and a USB key to CNC memory or drip-fed (DNC) from the USB key. USB Connect also has flexible DNC firmware built into it that allows you to connect any machine tool CNC control. Plus, the pendant mount USB controller kit contains all the hardware you need to integrate a universal display onto any CNC machine tool pendant. With the ability to increase program storage at the machine and drip-feed large files, USB Connect Mazak is the hardware you need to improve your shop floor efficiency.

USB Connect Mazak Model Tech Specs

The USB Connect Mazak Model offers the following tech specs:

  • Protocols: Xon/Xoff, software handshaking, RTS/CTS hardware handshaking, CMT Version 1, & CMT Version 2
  • Supports drip-feed for the above Protocols (if the CNC has that function active)
  • Baud Rates: 1200 – 115,200 supported
  • Configurable Data/Parity/Stop Bits
  • Includes 4 Line Display.
  • Includes Thumb Drive (can use any brand/size)
  • No special software required
  • Connects to the RS232 serial port on your CNC machine
  • Configurable Line Delay & EOB CR/LF
  • Mid-tape restart
  • DNC transfer box standalone solution
  • 1 Year Warranty with free phone Support for device
  • Quick Setup Guide & Complete Operation Manual
  • Optional AC Power Supply can be purchased for the unit

To learn more about the specs for the USB Connect Mazak Model, contact Shop Floor Automations.

USB Connect Mazak Model Pricing

The USB Connect Mazak model is a great way to modernize your Mazak machine. For just $600, Shop Floor Automations can provide the USB Connect Mazak model that will help take your shop floor efficiency to the next level. We occasionally offer sales, so give us a call at (619) 461-4000 to request current pricing!

Shop Floor Automations Can Assist Implementing USB Connect Mazak Model

If you want to implement USB Connect Mazak at your facility, Shop Floor Automations can help. Founded in , we have over years of experience when it comes to upgrading your shop floor. We’ve automated thousands of manufacturing machines and have countless customers who utilize our services to improve their shop floor efficiencies. If you are ready to install USB Connect Mazak on your shop floor equipment, contact Shop Floor Automations today at (619) 461-4000 or

To learn more about the USB Connect Mazak Model and the shop equipment automation services that we offer to make your shop floor more efficient, visit us on the web at [website].