What is MTConnect?

MTConnect was created by the MTConnect Institute, a nonprofit company founded to create universally compatible connectivity standards to improve the monitoring capability of machines throughout the manufacturing industry. MTConnect is an open and royalty-free protocol for communication of data between shop floor equipment and software applications, such as Machine Monitoring Software.

The MTConnect standard uses the common network and data technology of HTTP and XML allowing integration with existing Ethernet and Wireless networks.

With its stateless, RESTful interface no session is required to retrieve data, creating a plug and play setup and no machine downtime to integrate.

Why is MTConnect important?

Like any business, shop floors are always trying increase productivity and profit. With the information age, businesses are turning to software and data to improve their efficiency.

Every day, there are large amounts of data being produced by machines such as cycle times status, feed rates, spindle speeds, overrides, downtime reason codes, part counts, and more. Machine Monitoring Software that uses MTConnect collects and organizes this data to provide analysis to reduce unplanned downtime.

The examination of this data allows owners to organize efficient workflows and react proactively to reduce downtime time. Health assessment tracking and replacing tools before it’s too late decreases costly scrap and re-work.

MTConnect is the go to protocol for machine monitoring software. It is widely preinstalled on many brands such as Okuma, Mazak, and Mori Seiki. With today’s commonality of Ethernet networking on machines, shop floors can easily connect and begin assessing this important business data and metrics through MTConnect compliant software.

MTConnect is commonly pre-installed on brands such as Okuma, Mazak, Mori Seiki, and other varieties of controls and with today’s standard of CNC machines having Ethernet ports, shop floors can easily add them to a network and begin assessing this important business data.

SFA is a member of the MTConnect Technical Advisory Board. We work closely with their partners and the Association for Manufacturing Technology to continue to develop open communication standards for our real-time data collection software.