MTConnect Compatibility

mtconnectWhat is MTConnect? We have a few resources to get you acquainted with the open, royalty-free, universal manufacturing communication standard designed specifically for shop floors. It is also important to know about MTConnect compatibility. You can see a quick video, as well as see our resource pages on What is MTConnect and MTConnect specific solutions.

MTConnect is a great resource on a manufacturing shop floor and machine shops. CNC machine automation has become a more attainable goal with this protocol. The reach of the protocol has grown each day and it’s full of surprises. For example, many people assume MTConnect will only work on CNC machines, but did you know it can also work wonders for mold making technology?

Shop Floor Automations has taken the time to compile a list of ways you can use the MTConnect protocol. Please note that this is a general guideline and that MTConnect may not work with all machines. MTConnect Connect compatibility changes constantly, and we strive to keep this list as up to date as possible. These are also not the only machines that can use MTConnect – we encourage you to contact Support with any questions.


For Mazak CNC controllers, the MTConnect can be added to the following machines by contacting Mazak directly.  Below is a reference guide for models capable of adding adapters:

CNC Model CNC O/S CNC Main
s/w ver
Machine Model
Fusion 640T Nexus Win95 B8G 6/15/10 v1.0 Quick Turn
Fusion 640T Nexus Win2000 B8G 6/15/10 v1.1 Quick Turn
Fusion 640M Nexus Win95 ABD 6/9/10 v1.0 M/C
Fusion 640M Nexus Win2000 A9D 6/9/10 v1.1 M/C
Fusion 640T/MT/TE Win95 DDG 6/15/10 v1.0 Integrex
Fusion 640T/MT/TE Win2000 A8G 6/15/10 v1.1 Integrex
Fusion 640M/M-5X Win95 CGG/ACG 6/9/10 v1.0 M/C
Fusion 640M/M-5X Win2000 AAG/A9G 6/9/10 v1.1 M/C
Fusion 640MTPro Win2000 ABD
Fusion 640MPro Win95
Fusion 640MPro Win2000
Matrix (e-Machine) WinXP D1 4/2/10 v1.1 Integrex-ell. Integrex-e420H
Matrix (e-Machine) WinXP E1 Ramtec
Matrix (Integrex-IV) WinXP C4B 8/27/10 v1.1 Integrex-IV
Matrix (Versatech) WinXP D4 1/7/11 v1.1 Versatech
Matrix (CTT,HQR,MP-II) WinXP C3 8/20/10 v1.1
Matrix (VRX, VRX-IIVRX-T,SVC) WinXP D3 8/20/10 v1.1
Matrix (VTC) WinXP D3 1/5/10 v1.1 VTC
Matrix Nexus (VNC, HCN, FJB-II) WinXP D4 11/5/10 v1.1 VCN, HCN, FJV MK2
Matrix Nexus (QTN-II, MTN, STN) WinXP D4 11/30/10 v1.1 QTN-II, MTM, STN, CT
Matrix (INTE-i150) WinXP C9 4/1/11 v1.1 Integrex i150-series
Matrix (INTE-i200) WinXP D1 5/1/11 v1.1 Integrex i200 Series
Matrix (INTE-J) WinXP D2 4/25/11 v1.1 Integrex j-series
Matrix II (e-Series) Win7 n/a 1/1/12 v1.1 Integrex e-series
Matrix II (VERSATECH) Win7 n/a 1/1/12 v1.1 v140
Matrix II (CyberTechTurn) Win7 n/a 1/1/12 v1.1 CTT Dual Turrent only!
Matrix II (MP-II) Win7 n/a 1/1/12 v1.1 Multiplex
Matrix II (VRX, VRX-II, VRX-T, SVC Win7 n/a 1/1/12 v1.1 VRX i-Series
Matrix II (VTC-800R) Win7 n/a 1/1/12 v1.1
Matrix II (HQR) Win7 n/a 1/1/12 v1.1 HyperQuadrex
Matrix II (VCN 5X) Win7 n/a 1/1/12 v1.1
Matrix II (QTN II LBB) Win7 n/a 1/1/12 v1.1
Matrix II (i-Series) Win7 n/a 1/1/12 v1.1 Integrex i-series

**Note: Mazak Smart CNC can also be updated with SMART ADAPTER #CCWMPD0280E

DMG Mori Seiki

All machines equipped with MAPPS-2 and above version controls have full compatibility with MTConnect standard, for older controls depending on their accessibility they may have partial to full compatibility. Please contact your local distributor for more information.

MAPPS type CNC Control Extent of data access
MAPPS2, 3, 4 FANUC or Mitsubishi Full compatibility (May require upgrade of MAPPS software)
Non-MAPPS FANUC 18i/30i/31i or Mitsubishi C70 with Ethernet I/F Most compatibility (Custom design option)
Non-MAPPS Siemens 840D SL or Siemens 810D or Heidenhain iTNC Most compatibility (Custom design option)
Non-MAPPS Other CNC controls Custom design option


Okuma-MTConnect Technical Information
CNC Support Model OSP-P300, P200A, P200, P100-II
CNC OS MS Windows XP Service Pack 3
Thinc API Version, or greater
Okuma MTConnect Adapter Version
Okuma MTConnect Support Machine Models Lathes and Machining Centers
MTConnect Standard Support 1MTConnect spec, version 1.3. and MTConnect


FANUC FOCAS is a set of library files (.dll), that can be accessed by applications to retrieve most of the information inside of the CNC. The FANUC FOCAS function is normally accessed by using Ethernet or HSSB.

Common data that is available through the FOCAS are CNC state (running, idle, alarm), part count information, program name, number, size, and date modified, tool and work offsets, alarm number and text, feed overrides, parameters, positional data, spindle speed and Modal data.

Below is a common list of controllers that would feature FOCAS. Older controls can have the embedded board retrofitted or added to the machine using the Data Server Board by contracting FANUC directly.

Uncommon Possible As Standard
Oi-B 16i-A 16i-B
16-A/B/C 18i-A 18i-B
18-A/B/C 21i-B 3xi-A
Oi-C 3xi-B

How can I check to see if I have FANUC FOCAS

In order to see if you have FANUC FOCAS available on your CNC, is to first check if you have Ethernet. To do that follow these steps:

  • Press the [SYSTEM] hard key
  • Press [>] approximately 5 times until you see *ETHEPRM*
  • Press [ETHRM] soft key, followed by [OPRT]
  • This will display the ethernet connections available
  • Select a connection (normally EMBEDD or BOARD)
  • Press the [DOWN] hard key. (page 2)
  • This should display FOCAS / ETHERNET

If those steps took you to the Ethernet page and/or the FOCAS page, then you’re good to go!

A FOCAS Library tool has been developed by Predator Software, to determine if these libraries are installed and activated on the FANUC controlled CNC machine tool. By downloading, installing and connecting your machine to the network, you will be able to verify.

Got FOCAS? Test your machine with the Predator FOCAS tester

Predator Focas Tester

More Compatible Machines

Refer to the list below and contact us here for more info. You may also call us at (877) 611-5825 to get started!

Bosch Rexroth CMS
C.R. Onsrud Machine Doosan
Fagor GF AgieCharmilles
Gleason Hardinge
Hurco MAG
Makino Milltronics
Mitsubishi Siemens
Sodick Southwestern Industries
More info to come!

Please note: You may download versions of software available under some of our SFA product pages, but without an active Software Maintenance Agreement, you will not receive serial or access numbers to install the latest versions.