Utilize MTConnect for Universal Factory Floor Communication

Utilize MTConnect for Universal Factory Floor CommunicationMTConnect is a royalty-free, open factory floor communication standard that is specifically designed for the shop floor environment. This protocol enables data to transfer efficiently between devices and applications across the shop floor. Running machines, controls, software, and sensor packages with the MTConnect standard means that this data is available in XML format in a universal standard that won’t vary by manufacturer.


Utilizing MTConnect, you can monitor everything from machine overrides to performance in real-time. You can also use MTConnect data to view historical reports and other visual representations of your shop’s performance. However, having the latest version of MTConnect allows you to utilize the system most effectively.

What is the latest version of MTConnect?

Version 1.4.0 of the protocol was recently released and consists of 5 parts. Currently, Version 1.5.0 is in development. Note that the standard is developed by the Standards Committee. New versions of the standard must also be approved by the Standard Committee vote. If you would like to access documents, you may do so if you are an SC member.

What Controls Can Shop Floor Automations Facilitate an MTConnect Adapter for?

An MTConnect adapter is a software that essentially translates the data produced by floor equipment into a format that can be processed by the MTConnect app. These adapters are typically created by the equipment provider but can be provided and installed by Shop Floor Automations.

At Shop Floor Automations, we have been in the business since 1998. Our experience enables us to facilitate MTConnect adapters for the following controls:


  • MTConnect for Celos
  • MTConnect for Citizen (Adapters available for your M7/M700/M800 controls)
  • MTConnect for Doosan
  • MTConnect for Fanuc
  • MTConnect for Haas
  • MTConnect for Makino (Available on Pro5, ProF, ProP and Pro3 controllers)
  • MTConnect for Mazak (Adapters available for more than 200 of their machines)
  • MTConnect for Mitsubishi machines
  • Mori Seiki DMG/MAPPS
  • MTConnect for Okuma (OSP Control types P100 Type II, P200, P200A, P300, & P300S)
  • MTConnect for Siemens

In addition, MTConnect Adapter also comes preinstalled on DMG Mori Seiki via their standard protocol. Since 2013, all DMG / MORI SEIKI machines come with MAPPS control.

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