Trust Shop Floor Automations with Your Machine Automation and Monitoring

A shop floor employee holding a tablet that's showing Machine Monitoring results.Since , Shop Floor Automations has helped countless clients automate their shop equipment and improve their overall efficiencies. With vast expertise and hardware solutions for over 80 brands and hundreds of controllers, you can trust Shop Floor Automations with your machine automation and monitoring. Based in La Mesa, California, we have the hardware, software, and expertise necessary to help take your shop floor equipment to the next level.

Machine Monitoring Software

One of the areas that Shop Floor Automations excels in is machine monitoring software. CNC data collection and machine monitoring are essential for shops looking to gather real-time data and OEE metrics, which can then be used to improve overall shop floor efficiency. Currently, we offer DNC software for any connection type, brand, or age of CNC machine. At Shop Floor Automations, we also offer document management and revision control through production data management that adheres to all ISO standards.

Hardware to Embrace the Industrial Internet of Things

Another area where Shop Floor Automations succeeds is with hardware. By embracing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), you can connect your machines with wired or wireless hardware and integrate them with a variety of different controls. Not only can the hardware solutions at Shop Floor Automations replace your floppy disk drives, but they can also revolutionize your shop floor, increase the life of your legacy machines, and improve your shop floor network.

Popular Solutions for Your Shop Floor

While we can tackle almost any software or hardware solutions for your shop, there are a few solutions that we routinely implement. These include:

  • DNC Software: This increases CNC networking and allows for the integration of PDM and CNC revision control with other manufacturing automation software.
  • Machine Monitoring: This enables you to gather overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) data and real-time analytics.
  • CNC Machine Automation Hardware: If you want to get rid of your old floppy disks, we can add USB to CNC machines, as well as Ethernet ability.

How Can Shop Floor Automations Help You?

Are you looking to shift to lean manufacturing or production? Do you want to reduce downtime and gain more control over the machines on your shop floor? Are you interested in automating your shop equipment? If so, these are all things that Shop Floor Automations can help you with! We’ve been in business since and since then, have consistently delivered proven software solutions, automated countless manufacturing machines with quality hardware, and worked with top-tier and small companies alike on improving their overall shop floor efficiency. If you want to learn more about our capabilities and how we might help you increase efficiency and profits, contact us today at (619) 461-4000!

Visit us on the web at Shop Floor Automations to learn more too!