How to Improve CNC Machine Shop Productivity and Efficiency

A close up of a machine's tool head at work, which continues to be efficient due to proper shop floor procedures to extend its life.Manufacturing is always evolving. As a result, machinists that used to have a leg up on the competition are struggling to keep up with the diminishing skills gap that the industry is experiencing. As more CNC tools are becoming automated and demand for quality parts continues to grow, shops are putting an increased emphasis on improving productivity and efficiency. Time is money when it comes to CNC manufacturing and it is important to keep your operation running flawlessly. Keep reading for three tips for improving the efficiency and productivity of your manufacturing process.

    1. Increase the Life of the Tool

No one wants to experience downtime on the shop floor. When equipment breaks down, it means slowed or stopped productivity. When time is money, it is essential to prolong the life of a tool or piece of equipment. In order to keep your CNC machine running smoothly, there are a few ways to prolong its life:

      • Utilize a high-pressure coolant system
      • Increase the concentration of the existing coolant system
      • Frequently inspect the tool holder and inserts
      • Consider aluminum oxide coatings for your tool holder
      • Invest in a cryogenic machine
    1. Improve Overall Organization

Another way to increase efficiency and productivity is to become more organized. It might seem insignificant, but lack of organization can lead to lost money and manpower. It is essential to arrange your shop floor and workspace for maximum efficiency.

Also, when you are done with something, put it back in its specified place. That will reduce the amount of time spent scurrying around the shop floor looking for something.

In addition, you can also try organizational tactics like improving your labeling system, boosting shop cleanliness, and investing in high-quality shadow boards and tool draws.

    1. Invest in a Proper Equipment Management and Monitoring System

Last, but not least, it is also important to utilize an equipment monitoring system. While most manufacturers have a basic set up that tells them when a piece of equipment is down, it provides little information beyond that. Advanced machine monitoring software will let you know why machines are down, how long processes are taking, and other valuable information. When implementing a machine monitoring system, it is also important to make sure that they are all on one shop floor network so all of the machines can communicate efficiently. Using a protocol like, Fanuc FOCAS, OPC UA, MTConnect that standardizes communication across the floor can make this even more cost-effective.

Shop Floor Automations Can Help Improve Your Shop’s Productivity

If you are looking to implement a machine monitoring solution in your shop to increase CNC productivity and efficiency, Shop Floor Automations can help! Since , we’ve been helping manufacturers seeking to improve their shop floor processes. From providing proven software like Scytec and Predator Software and automating manufacturing machines to implementing measures to improve shop floor efficiencies, we’ve done it all. Contact us today at (619) 461-4000 to learn how we can help you improve your shop efficiency and productivity.