Utilize Machine Monitoring in Los Angeles CA to Improve Shop Floor Efficiency

Machine Data CollectionIf you are looking for a way to boost your shop floor efficiency, machine monitoring in Los Angeles CA is a great option. Machine monitoring can not only help you improve your lean manufacturing process, but it also provides real-time production data for cycle time, idle time, machine downtime, and more. If you are interested in implementing machine monitoring in Los Angeles CA, Shop Floor Automations can help.

We Can Implement All Types of Machine Monitoring

Machine monitoring has a wide variety of benefits. At Shop Floor Automations, we offer a variety of types of machine monitoring in Los Angeles CA, including:

What Machine Monitoring Software Does Shop Floor Automations Offer?

At Shop Floor Automations, we only offer the top names in the industry. If you are wondering what options for machine monitoring in Los Angeles CA that we offer, keep reading to learn more:

Scytec DataXchange

  • Cloud or on-premise. Real-time machine monitoring for improved OEE
  • Real-time data from any CNC control/equipment, regardless of machine age
  • Unlimited number of reporting and charting licenses
  • View & report on your data results from anywhere
  • Track multiple types of cycle time
  • Use hardware adapters with protocols such as MTConnect or FANUC FOCAS
  • Report on utilization and efficiency metrics
  • Run reports on and compare different sets of cycle time

Predator MDC

  • Automatic and manual data collection
  • 1 Network to monitor all your CNC machines, robots, PLCs and ATE test stands
  • 15 Real-time Dashboards for digital signage
  • Real-time Slideshows for digital signage
  • Multiple plant support
  • Unlimited number of data collection events
  • 30,000+ Reports and Charts
  • Real-Time OEE Dashboard, OEE Charts, and OEE Reports
  • Supports Wireless, Ethernet, RS232, and Parallel I/O
  • Open API and database architecture
  • Includes Predator CNC Service, Predator MDC Executive & Predator MDC for DOS
  • Includes Predator DNC for send, receive, and drip-feed
  • Use your existing ERP and MES bar coded paperwork
  • Upgrade to Predator SFC
  • 250+ Online help topics
  • Integrates with Predator Touch HMI

We Offer Reliable Solutions for Machine Monitoring in Los Angeles CA

When it comes to having machine monitoring installed in your facility, Shop Floor Automations is the only company you should call. Since , we have installed machine monitoring in Los Angeles CA facilities and we would be happy to assist you as well. Give us a call today at (619) 461-4000 to request service or obtain a quote!

To learn more about the machine manufacturing software and machine automation services that we offer, visit us on the web at Shop Floor Automations.