Should I Use Scytec DataXchange or Predator MDC Offer for Machine Monitoring in Fort Worth TX?

A tv monitor on a shop floor displaying machine monitoring software for various machines, showing uptime and downtime of each one.Facility managers have one main goal in mind and that is to keep the facility running smoothly. However, there are always other goals in the back of their mind, such as improving shop floor efficiencies. In order to do that, they need to be able to view real-time OEE information to truly identify areas for improvement. Thankfully, by installing machine monitoring like Predator software in Fort Worth TX, you can easily view real-time data, including cycle time, idle time, setup time, teardown time, machine downtime, and scrap reasons.

Why Utilize Machine Monitoring?

Machine monitoring is a great solution for those concerned with shop floor efficiencies. By viewing cycle time, downtime, idle, setup and teardown in real-time, you can truly gauge how effective your equipment is and look for ways to improve the process. This is especially important for lean manufacturing processes where accurate shop information is essential for decision making. With access to real-time production data, you can make informed decisions and work to improve the productivity of your shop floor.

Predator MDC Features

Predator MDC is one of the best machine monitoring software solutions that you can buy. Predator software allows you to monitor from 1 to 4,000 machines and gives you the option for both automatic and manual shop floor data collection. With Predator MDC in your facility, you will also have access to over 30,000 reports and charts that allow you to view cycle time, idle, setup, teardown, and downtime in real-time. For those operating a large shop floor with lots of different equipment, Predator MDC is a great option.

Scytec DataXchange Features

Another solid choice for machine monitoring in Fort Worth, TX is Scytec DataXchange. Starting at just $45 per machine per month, Scytec DataXchange provides access to real-time data from any CNC control or equipment regardless of how old the machine is. You also get unlimited reporting and charting licenses and with the cloud-based machine monitoring software, you can view data from anywhere. For facilities with various buildings and a wide geographic footprint, or those with older equipment, Scytec DataXchange is a great machine monitoring option.

Shop Floor Automations Can Implement Scytec DataXchange and Predator Software in Fort Worth TX.

If you need help choosing the best machine monitoring software for your facility, Shop Floor Automations can help. It can be difficult choosing between Scytec DataXchange and Predator software for your Fort Worth TX facility, but we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you make the right choice. Whether you want to implement machine monitoring for a single piece of equipment or 4,000 machines, we can help! Contact us today at (619) 461-4000 to learn more or request a quote to have Scytec DataXchange and Predator software implemented at your Fort Worth TX facility.

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